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The end of the 18th Century saw Britain at war with France and also experiencing domestic dissent and rebellion. The Army and Militia were stretched to maximum so in many parts of the country volunteer forces were organised by local gentry to defend themselves and their property from depredation. Amongst these forces was the Bunny Troop of Loyal Volunteers (Infantry and Cavalry) formed in 1798 who, over the next 20 years, were called upon on several occasions to keep the peace in the locality. On one occasion they were marched to Mansfield to police the area during a time of dissent, and were billeted there for three weeks.

The cavalry and infantry were commanded by local men and made up of the gentry and their tenants. They came not only from Bunny, but from other villages in the area such as Bradmore, Ruddington, Keyworth, Sutton Bonnington, Barton etc.
So far we have located the Pay Lists and Muster Rolls for the Infantry (Public Records Office, Kew, London). At present we only have the Pay Returns for the 1st company for the time at Mansfield, but other companies could also have been represented.

The table below has been compiled using what information was available to us. As well as their name and rank, it also shows which one of three companies they belonged to. There was a fourth company, but we do not have these details at present. If there is an X in the columns, it denotes that this name was on the pay list for that particular year. Where there are several people of the same name it gets confusing and we cannot be certain of each identity.

Names in bold type denote that a person of this name has been found in the Bunny registers at around this time. (Br) = Bradmore, (Bar) = Barton, otherwise we assume they are Bunny men. m= marriage r= registers (burial or baptism). As no addresses/dates of birth etc. are available it cannot be certain that they are the same person. The list is in alphabetical order.

Lieutenant Colonel was Sam Wright of Colston Bassett and Major was Pendock B. Neale

Name Details Rank Company 1804 Mansfield 1806 1807
ANCHORS Thos   Pvt   X      
ARCHER Thos   Lieutnt.   X      
ATTENBROW James   Pvt 1st   X   X
ATTEWELL John   Pvt 1st X X X X
ATTEWELL Wm Jnr   Pvt         X
ATTEWELL Wm r 1794 Pvt 1st X X X X
BAKER Richard   Lieutnt   X      
BAKEWELL Joseph   Pvt   X      
BALDOCK John   Sergeant   X      
BAMFORD Francis   Pvt 3rd X      
BARLOW Robert   Lieutnt   X      
BARNES John   Pvt 1st X X X X
BARNETT   Surgeon   X      
BARRATT Thos   Pvt 2nd X      
BARROWS John   Pvt   X      
BENNETT John Jnr   Pvt   X      
BENNETT John r 1781 Pvt 1st X X X X
BENNETT Wm m 1783 Pvt 1st X X X X
BEXON Wm   Pvt   X      
BINGHAM John   Pvt 2nd X      
BINGHAM Wm   Pvt 2nd X      
BONSER Wm   Pvt   X      
BOSWORTH Jarvace   Pvt 2nd   X   X
BOSWORTH John (Br) m 1788 & 1810 Pvt/Corporal 1807 1st X X   X
BOULTBEE William   Capt 1st Company 1st X X X X
BRAMLEY Wm m 1807 Pvt 3rd X      
BREEDON Wm   Lieutnt   X      
BROOKS Hugh   Pvt   X      
BURNS John   Drummer 3rd X      
BURROWS Christopher   Pvt   X      
BURTON Richard   Pvt   X      
BUTTERY Isaac m 1803 Pvt 2nd X      
BUXTON Thos   Pvt   X X    
CARTER John   Pvt 3rd X      
CAUNT Thos   Pvt 1st X      
CHADWICK Wm   Pvt   X      
CHAMBERLAIN Geo   Pvt   X      
CLARKE Thos   Pvt 1st X      
CLEMONS Edward   Pvt         X
COCKER Rev W B   Chaplain   X      
COLLINS Sam   Pvt         X
COOPER Isaac r 1807 Pvt 1st X X X X
COX Thos   Pvt 1st X      
COX Wm   Pvt 3rd X      
CRIPWELL Henry   Pvt   X      
CRIPWELL Richard   Pvt   X      
CROFS (CROSS) John   Pvt 1st X      
CROFS (CROSS) Samuel   Pvt   X      
CROSS John   Pvt 2nd X      
CUMBERLAND Matthew (Br) m 1783 & 1788 Pvt 3rd X   X  
CUMBERLAND Thos   Pvt 3rd X      
CUMBERLAND Wm   Pvt   X      
DAFT Isaac   Drummer 1st X X    
DAFT Stephen   Pvt 3rd X      
DAFTS Joseph   Pvt 2nd X      
DALBY Thos   Corporal 1st X X   X
DALBY John   Corporal 1st X X    
DAVIS John   Pvt 1st X     X
DAVY John   Pvt   X      
DEXTER Wm   Pvt 2nd X      
DIXON Wm   Pvt   X      
DODSON Thos   Lieutnt (Capt 2nd Co 1806?) 2nd X      
DRING Thos   Pvt   X      
DUTTON John   Pvt 2nd X      
DUTTON John   Pvt 1st X X    
DUTTON Thos   Pvt 2nd X      
EATON Thos   Pvt 2nd X      
EATON John   Sergeant   X      
EATON John   Pvt 3rd X      
ELLIS John   Pvt   X      
FLOURS John   Pvt 2nd X      
GEE Thos   Pvt 3rd X      
GEE Wm m 1808 Drummer 1st X X    
GODDARD John   Pvt 2nd X      
GODDARD Wm   Pvt 2nd X      
GODSON Robt   Pvt   X      
GOODHEAD Thomas   Capt 2nd Company 2nd X X    
GUNN James   Pvt   X      
GUNN John m 1774 & 1790 Pvt   X      
GUNN Thomas   Pvt 3rd X      
GUNN Thomas Jnr   Pvt 2nd X      
GUNN Thomas Snr   Pvt 2nd X      
GUNN Wm m 1797 Pvt 2nd X      
HALFORD Andrew   Pvt   X      
HALFORD Wm   Pvt 3rd X      
HALLAM James   Pvt   X      
HALLAM John   Pvt 2nd X      
HALLAM Joseph   Pvt   X      
HALLAM Matthew   Pvt   X      
HALLAM Moses   Pvt   X      
HALLAM Wm   Pvt 3rd X      
HAMES James (Br) m 1798 Pvt 2nd X      
HAND Wm   Pvt 3rd X      
HARRISON John m 1797 Pvt 1st X X X X
HARRISON Wm   Corporal 3rd X      
HART John   Pvt 2nd X      
HAYS John   Pvt 3rd X      
HAYS Thos   Pvt   X      
HENSON Henry   Pvt 1st X X X X
HENSON Isaac   Pvt   X      
HENSON James   Pvt 1st X   X X
HENSON James   Pvt 3rd X      
HENSON John   Pvt 3rd X      
HENSON John Jnr   Pvt 1st X X X X
HENSON John m 1779 & 1784 Pvt 1st X X X X
HENSON John   Pvt 2nd X      
HENSON John   Pvt 3rd X      
HENSON Thos (Br) m 1784 Pvt 1st X X X X
HENSON Wm (Br) m 1779 Pvt 1st X X X X
HENSON Wm (Br) m 1800 & 1803 Sergeant 1st X X    
HENSON Wm   Pvt 2nd X      
HICKLING Aaron (Br) m 1806 Pvt 1st X X X X
HICKLING Thos   Pvt 3rd X      
HOGG Thos   Pvt   X      
HOLMS Henry   Corporal   X      
HOWETT Wm   Pvt   X      
HUTCHINSON James   Pvt 1st   X    
HUTCHINSON Joseph (Br)   Pvt 1st X   X X
JAMES Edward   Pvt 1st X X    
JAMES John   Pvt   X      
JAMES Wm   Pvt 1st       X
JAQUES Samuel   Pvt 1st X X X X
JONES John   Pvt 3rd X      
JOYCE Thomas   Pvt   X      
KIRK Joseph   Pvt 3rd X      
LACEY Thomas   Pvt   X      
LACEY Thos   Pvt 2nd X      
LANE Thos   Pvt 1st X X X X
LANE Wm m 1800 Corporal 1st X X   X
LANES John r 1780 Pvt   X      
LANGHAM John r 1799 Pvt 1st X X X X
LANGHAM Wm   Pvt   X      
LANGLEY Henry   Pvt 1st       X
LINAKER Geo   Pvt 1st   X   X
MANN Henry   Pvt 2nd X      
MARRIOTT Thos   Pvt         X
MARRIOTT Wm   Pvt 1st X X X X
MARRIOTT Wm   Pvt 2nd X      
MARSHALL John   Pvt   X      
MARSHALL Richard   Pvt 3rd X      
MARSHALL Wm   Pvt   X      
MARSHALL Wm Jnr r 1788 Pvt 3rd X      
MARSON John   Pvt   X      
MARSTON Henry   Pvt         X
MEE John   Pvt 2nd X      
MEE Wm   Pvt   X      
MOORE David   Pvt 2nd X      
MOORE Thomas   Pvt 2nd X      
MORLEY Wm   Pvt   X      
MUFSON (MUSSON) Samuel   Pvt   X      
NEWHAM Wm   Pvt   X      
NORMAN John   Corporal 1st X X   X
OLDHAM Thos   Pvt 3rd X      
OLIVER John   Pvt 1st X X    
OLIVER Thos   Pvt 1st X X    
OXPRING John   Pvt   X      
PARKER Geo   Pvt 2nd X      
PARKER Geo   Pvt 3rd X      
PARKER John   Pvt   X      
PATCHET Thos   Pvt   X      
PEBERDAY John   Pvt   X      
PEET John m 1775 Lieutnt 1st X     X
PEIRSON Thos   Pvt 3rd X      
PICKERING Geo   Pvt 3rd X      
PIGGOT Geo   Pvt 2nd X      
PIKE John   Drill Sergeant 3rd X      
PIKE Richard   Pvt   X      
PIKE Robert   Pvt 3rd X      
PIKE Thomas   Pvt 1st X X X X
POLLARD John   Pvt 3rd X      
POWDRILL Wm   Pvt   X      
PRICE Benjamin   Pvt   X      
PRICE James   Pvt   X      
PRICE John r 1777 Corporal 1st X X   X
PRICE John   Pvt 1st X X X X
PRICE Samuel Jnr   Pvt 2nd X      
PRICE Samuel   Pvt 2nd X      
PRICE Thomas   Sergeant   X      
PRICE Thos   Pvt 3rd X      
PRICE Thos 1779 Pvt 1st X X X X
PRICE Wm Jnr   Pvt 2nd X      
PRICE Wm Snr   Pvt 2nd X      
PRIESTLEY Thos   Pvt 2nd X      
RICHARD Joseph   Pvt 2nd X      
RICHARDS Samuel   Pvt 2nd X      
RICHMAN (RICHMOND) Richard   Pvt 3rd X      
RICKLESS Garvis   Pvt   X      
RIMMINGTON Wm   Pvt   X      
SAVIDGE Edward   Pvt 2nd X      
SAVIDGE Edward   Sergeant 2nd X      
SAVIDGE John   Pvt 2nd X      
SAVIDGE Wm   Pvt 3rd X      
SAVIDGE Wm   Pvt 3rd X      
SAXBY James   Pvt 3rd X      
SAXBY Joseph   Pvt 3rd X      
SEARCEY Geo   Pvt 1st X X X X
SEARCEY Richard   Pvt 3rd X      
SHAW John   Pvt 3rd X      
SHELTON Sam   Pvt   X      
SHELTON Wm   Pvt 3rd X      
SMITH Edward   Pvt   X      
SMITH Francies   Pvt 1st X X X X
SMITH Geo   Pvt   X      
SMITH Gervase   Pvt 1st X X X X
SMITH John   Lieutnt          
SMITH John (F.W.J.L)   Pvt   X      
SMITH John Jnr   Pvt 1st X   X  
SMITH John r 1778 & 1781 & 1793 Sergeant   X      
SMITH John Snr r 1793 Pvt 1st X   X X
SMITH John Snr (Bunny)   Pvt 1st X X    
SMITH John   Pvt   X   X  
SMITH John   Pvt 3rd X   X  
SMITH Joseph   Drill Sergeant 2nd X      
SMITH Joseph   Sergeant 2nd X      
SMITH Richard   Capt 3rd company 3rd        
SMITH Richard   Pvt   X X    
SMITH Thomas r 1797 m 1807 Pvt 2nd X      
SOULTON (?) John   Pvt 3rd X      
SPRAY Henry   Pvt 3rd X      
STATON John r 1780 Sergeant 1st X X X X
STEVENSON John Jnr   Pvt 2nd X      
STEVENSON John Snr   Pvt 2nd X      
STEVENSON Richard   Capt 4th Company   X X    
STEVENSON Wm Jnr   Pvt 1st X X X X
STEVENSON Wm Snr   Pvt 1st X X X X
STREET Richard   Pvt   X      
STREET Wm   Pvt 3rd X      
STUBBS Wm   Pvt 3rd X      
TAYLOR John Jnr   Pvt 1st       X
TAYLOR John Jnr   Pvt         X
TAYLOR John   Pvt 1st   X   X
TAYLOR Robt   Pvt 3rd X      
TAYLOR Thos   Pvt   X      
TAYLOR Wm   Pvt 1st X X X X
THOMPSON Geo   Pvt 2nd X      
THURMAN Moses   Pvt 3rd X      
THURMAN Edward   Pvt 3rd X      
THURMAN John   Pvt 3rd X      
THURMAN Richard   Pvt 3rd X      
THURMAN Thomas   Pvt   X      
TOPLEY John   Pvt 3rd X      
TOPLEY Joseph   Pvt 3rd X      
TOPLEY Sam   Drill Sergeant   X      
TOPLEY Wm   Pvt 3rd X      
TUCKWOOD Isaac   Pvt 1st X X X X
TWELLS John   Pvt 2nd X   X X
TYRES John   Pvt   X      
TYRES Wm   Pvt 3rd X      
UNDERWOOD Wm   Pvt 1st X X X X
WALKER Elisha   Pvt 1st X   X X
WALKER George   Sergeant 1st X X X X
WALKER Wm   Pvt 1st X      
WALLIS Wm   Sergeant 3rd X      
WARD Wm   Pvt 1st X      
WATTS John   Pvt   X      
WEBSTER Sam r 1783 Pvt 1st X      
WEBSTER Wm   Pvt 1st X X X X
WHEATLEY Wm   Pvt 3rd        
WHITBY Joseph (Bar) m 1807 Pvt   X      
WIDDOWSON Wm   Quartermaster   X X    
WIDOWSON Benjamin   Pvt 3rd X      
WILDBORE Edward r 1812 Pvt 1st X X X X
WILDBORE John   Corporal/ Sergeant 1804 3rd X      
WILDBORE Matthew r 1773 Pvt 1st X X X X
WILKINSON (?) Isaac   Pvt 2nd X      
WILKINSON John   Pvt 3rd X      
WILSON Geo   Pvt 1st X X   X
WILSON John   Pvt 3rd X      
WILSON Thos   Pvt   X      
WILSON Wm   Pvt 1st X X   X
WINFIELD Thomas   Drill Sergeant (Sgt Major 1804) 1st X X    
WINFIELD Wm   Pvt 2nd X      
WOOLLEY Thos   Pvt   X      
WOOTON John   Pvt 1st X X   X
WOOTON Wm m 1789 & 1799 Pvt 1st X X X X
WOOTTON Wm   Pvt 3rd X      
WRIGHT John   Pvt 2nd X      
WRIGHT Robert   Pvt 3rd X      
WRIGHT Robt   Pvt   X      
WRIGHT Thos   Pvt 2nd X      
WRIGHT Wm   Pvt   X      
WRIGHT Wm   Sergeant 2nd X      

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