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If searching for a particular name in the burials lists, you may find it more convenient to use the Find option in the web browser. Crtl + F is usually the shortcut key for this option.

If you wish to search for a person across all of the lists on the Bunny Village site (Baptisms, Marriages, Burials and Churchyard Inscriptions), you may find it easiest to use the site search on the left-hand menu bar.

Where entries on the Churchyard Inscriptions pages can be found for the records below, links has been added below the relevent entry to jump straight to the corresponding memorial inscription.

The following is a list of people buried at Bunny Church between 1715 and 1749.

Name Relations Date Age
Katharine Smith   08/08/1715  
William Black   13/12/1715  
John Benet Richard and Ann 29/04/1716  
Thomas Cripwell Richard and Mary ??/12/1716  
Thomas Dickinson   ??/01/1717  
Grace Brooks   ??/03/1717  
John Wragdale Joseph and Ann 14/08/1718  
Widow Hogg   09/10/1718  
Elizabeth Dickison   12/11/1718  
George Smith John and Mary ??/09/1719  
George Benet John and Ann 03/12/1719  
Jonathan Shaw Nathan and Bridget 13/01/1720  
Joseph Day   24/01/1720  
Ann Benet Richard and Ann 19/02/1720  
John Smith John and Mary 21/02/1720  
Thomas Cropper Henry and Mary 02/04/1720  
Thomas Hornbuckle   ??/06/1720  
Mary Ragsdale Wife of John ??/06/1720  
Ann John and Ann    
Ann Benet John and Ann 07/09/1720  
John Harrison   26/09/1720  
Ann Clayton Thomas and Jane 03/10/1720  
Ben Alt Ben and Mary 17/11/1720  
Elizabeth Smith John and Mary 05/03/1721  
Joseph Ragdale Joseph and Ann 07/04/1721  
Ann Bartram Wife of William 21/07/1721  
John Smith
View entry on Churchyard Inscriptions
Anthony Hogg Husband of Elizabeth 16/01/1722  
William Gee   20/02/1722  
Thomas Linacre   30/03/1722  
Nathanial Benet Husband of Ann 08/05/1722  
George Benet John and Mary ??/??/1722  
Mary Henson Thomas and Sarah 25/07/1722  
Ann Shipman Wife of John 28/07/1722  
Ann Attenborow Richard and Prudence 23/08/1722  
John Brown John and Ann 02/11/1722  
Margaret Gee William and Ann 07/11/1722  
Isaac Hoiles
View entry on Churchyard Inscriptions
Husband of Mary 30/06/1723  
Elizabeth Smith George and Ann 29/09/1723  
Mary Hoiles
View entry on Churchyard Inscriptions
Widow of Isaac 30/06/1723  
Katherine Knight Wife of Thomas Knight 23/11/1723  
Ann Bennet Richard and Ann 16/01/1724  
William Cripple Richard and Mary 27/06/1724  
Daniel Bennet John and Mary 08/10/1724  
Robert Knight
View entry on Churchyard Inscriptions
Ann Bennet John and Mary 05/03/1725  
Ben Alt Ben and Mary 20/03/1725  
William Bartram   06/05/1725  
Hannah Gee Ann (widow) 17/08/1725  
Ann Gee Ann (widow) 22/08/1725  
William Gee Ann (widow) 19/10/1725  
Ann Smith George and Jane 01/04/1726  
John Cripple Richard and Mary 25/04/1726 11 (m)
Mr Henry Cropper   01/06/1725 55 (m)
Hannah Bacon Wife of John 29/10/1726  
Elizabeth Bacon John and Hannah 02/11/1726  
Thomas Henson Thomas and Sarah 04/11/1726  
Hannah Bacon John and Hannah 11/11/1726  
William Cropper Henry and Mary 13/11/1726  
Mary Linacre   20/12/1726  
Sarah Henson
View entry on Churchyard Inscriptions
Wife of Thomas 07/05/1727  
Dorothy Henson
View entry on Churchyard Inscriptions
Wife of William 02/06/1727 68 (m)
John Smith   24/08/1727  
Roberrt Henson Thomas and Sarah 18/09/1727  
Joseph Linacre Thomas and Mary 10/11/1727  
Thomas Knight   27/12/1727  
Robert Scarcely Edward and Elizabeth 30/01/1728  
Thomas Bennet Thomas and Dorothy 26/01/1728  
John Shephard John and Jane 20/03/1728  
Susannah Keitly Widow 21/06/1728  
Richard Cripwell
View entry on Churchyard Inscriptions
  28/07/1728 67 (m)
Richard Attenborough   01/09/1728  
Mary Henson Nathaniel and Ruth 12/01/1729  
William Hog Anthony and Elizabeth 12/01/1729  
Ann Black Widow 13/02/1729  
Henry Cripwell
View entry on Churchyard Inscriptions
Son of Richard and Jane 16/03/1729 23 (m)
Nathan Shaw Husband of Bridget 22/04/1729  
Jane Cripwell
View entry on Churchyard Inscriptions
Wife of Richard 28/04/1729 66 (m)
Ann Smith   17/05/1729  
Ann Linacre Thomas and Ann 19/12/1729  
William Henson
View entry on Churchyard Inscriptions
Husband of Dorothy 29/09/1730 77 (m)
William Ragsdale of Bunny   14/11/1730  
Elizabeth Howel Samuel and Elizabeth 18/01/1731  
Bridget Shaw of Bunny   28/02/1731  
Ann Linacre Thomas and Mary 26/09/1731  
Ann Marrot Daniel and Elizabeth 19/08/1731  
Ann Gee Thomas and Sarah 10/03/1732  
Francis Hoile Isaac and Elizabeth 04/04/1732  
Daniel Woolat   24/04/1732 47 (m)
Mary Cripwell
View entry on Churchyard Inscriptions
Wife of Richard 24/12/1732  
Henry Shepherd   22/12/1732  
Ann Ragsdale   30/12/1732  
Thomas Squire   21/01/1733  
Elizabeth Robison   04/02/1733  
Ann Brown   12/02/1733  
Hannah Charity   28/05/1733  
Edward Scarcely Husband of Elizabeth 02/06/1733  
Jane Shepherd   26/06/1734  
Elizabeth Pilkington Ben and Martha 05/06/1735  
John Linacre Thomas and Mary 09/02/1735  
Alice Spur George and Jane 09/02/1735  
Mary Godherd   07/12/1735  
Robert Shaw Robert and Rebecca 29/02/1736  
William Shaw Robert and Rebecca 06/03/1736  
Mary Linacre Wife of Thomas 07/04/1736  
Mary Pilkington Ben and Martha 30/09/1736  
John Huccoby Husband of Elizabeth 05/10/1736  
William Hornbuckle William and Ann 09/01/1737  
John Gamble   11/03/1737  
Richard Harrison Thomas and Mary 11/03/1737  
Mary Bacon Wife of Joseph 09/04/1737  
Pindar Tongure   12/04/1737  
Isaac Hoile Husband of Elizabeth 13/08/1737  
Ann Attewell   27/10/1737  
Elizabeth Hoile   10/11/1737  
Richard Henson Nathaniel and Ruth 31/01/1738  
John Smith John and Ann 20/06/1738  
Widow Scarcely Wife of Edward 10/08/1738  
Thomas Gee Thomas and Sarah 12/01/1739  
John Henson William and Mary 03/02/1739  
Hastings Marrat Henry and Jane 15/02/1739  
Martha Brown John and Sarah 29/04/1739  
Samuel Howel Samuel and Ann 16/03/1740  
Dorothy Bartram   26/03/1740  
Elizabeth Marrat Henry and Jane 11/05/1740  
Robert Bun
View entry on Churchyard Inscriptions
Widow Alsop   06/08/1740  
John Shepherson John and Elizabeth 21/08/1740  
Lady Jane Parkyns   02/09/1740  
Joseph Tomson Peter and Sarah 08/02/1741  
Sir Thomas Parkyns   25/03/1741  
Mary Bennet Wife of John 04/11/1741  
William Attenborow Robert and Elizabeth 20/08/1742  
Elizabeth Attenborow   05/10/1742  
Isabel Smith   14/10/1742  
John Shaw   03/12/1742  
Hugh Shaw Robert and Rebecca 04/02/1743  
Richard Butler Richard and Ann 13/03/1743  
Mary Dexter Joseph and Ann 29/03/1743  
Samuel Smith Henry and Mary 11/04/1743  
William Smith of Bunny   21/04/1743  
Mary Bertrum Robert and Hannah 08/06/1743 10
Richard Henson Thomas and Elizabeth 26/06/1743  
Samuel Priestly John and Elizabeth 27/06/1743  
Ann Buxton Joseph and Ann 25/07/1743  
Thomas Bennet John and Mary 02/01/1744  
Ann Benet Wife of Richard 14/02/1744  
Elizabeth Hog Wife of Anthony 23/02/1744  
Ann Butler of Bunny   09/03/1744  
Mr Humphrey Wainwright
View entry on Churchyard Inscriptions
Mary Priestly John and Elizabeth 11/05/1744  
John Towers of Bunny   08/08/1744  
Henrietta Vincent Wife of Samuel 16/08/1744  
Samuel Vincent Samuel and Henrietta 13/08/1744  
Katharine Hornbuckle   03/09/1744  
John Vincent Samuel and Henrietta 13/08/1745  
Philip Cropper Henry and Dorothy 11/03/1746  
Richard Hrrison Thomas and Margaret 13/09/1746  
Widow Gee of Bunny   19/11/1746  
Mary Lawson William and Jane 27/11/1746  
Sarah Brown John and Sarah 24/02/1747  
Mary Linacre   01/07/1747  
John Priestly John and Elizabeth 24/09/1747  
John Buckland   23/09/1747  
Thomas Clayton of Bunny   09/01/1748  
Joseph Hawkins John and Mary 22/01/1748  
Joseph Buxton Joseph and Katherine 01/02/1748  
Thomas Tayler Thomas and Sarah 17/05/1748  
William Cross   15/09/1748  
Thomas Henson   29/09/1748  
Mary Walker   17/09/1748  
John Harrison Thomas and Mary 09/11/1748  
John Peet of Bunny   09/09/1749  
Ann Attenborow Robert and Mary 24/10/1749  

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