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The following is a list of people buried at Bunny Church between 1715 and 1749.

Name Relations Date Age
Katharine Smith   08/08/1715  
William Black   13/12/1715  
John Benet Richard and Ann 29/04/1716  
Thomas Cripwell Richard and Mary ??/12/1716  
Thomas Dickinson   ??/01/1717  
Grace Brooks   ??/03/1717  
John Wragdale Joseph and Ann 14/08/1718  
Widow Hogg   09/10/1718  
Elizabeth Dickison   12/11/1718  
George Smith John and Mary ??/09/1719  
George Benet John and Ann 03/12/1719  
Jonathan Shaw Nathan and Bridget 13/01/1720  
Joseph Day   24/01/1720  
Ann Benet Richard and Ann 19/02/1720  
John Smith John and Mary 21/02/1720  
Thomas Cropper Henry and Mary 02/04/1720  
Thomas Hornbuckle   ??/06/1720  
Mary Ragsdale Wife of John ??/06/1720  
Ann John and Ann    
Ann Benet John and Ann 07/09/1720  
John Harrison   26/09/1720  
Ann Clayton Thomas and Jane 03/10/1720  
Ben Alt Ben and Mary 17/11/1720  
Elizabeth Smith John and Mary 05/03/1721  
Joseph Ragdale Joseph and Ann 07/04/1721  
Ann Bartram Wife of William 21/07/1721  
John Smith
Anthony Hogg Husband of Elizabeth 16/01/1722  
William Gee   20/02/1722  
Thomas Linacre   30/03/1722  
Nathanial Benet Husband of Ann 08/05/1722  
George Benet John and Mary ??/??/1722  
Mary Henson Thomas and Sarah 25/07/1722  
Ann Shipman Wife of John 28/07/1722  
Ann Attenborow Richard and Prudence 23/08/1722  
John Brown John and Ann 02/11/1722  
Margaret Gee William and Ann 07/11/1722  
Isaac Hoiles
Husband of Mary 30/06/1723  
Elizabeth Smith George and Ann 29/09/1723  
Mary Hoiles
Widow of Isaac 30/06/1723  
Katherine Knight Wife of Thomas Knight 23/11/1723  
Ann Bennet Richard and Ann 16/01/1724  
William Cripple Richard and Mary 27/06/1724  
Daniel Bennet John and Mary 08/10/1724  
Robert Knight
Ann Bennet John and Mary 05/03/1725  
Ben Alt Ben and Mary 20/03/1725  
William Bartram   06/05/1725  
Hannah Gee Ann (widow) 17/08/1725  
Ann Gee Ann (widow) 22/08/1725  
William Gee Ann (widow) 19/10/1725  
Ann Smith George and Jane 01/04/1726  
John Cripple Richard and Mary 25/04/1726 11 (m)
Mr Henry Cropper   01/06/1725 55 (m)
Hannah Bacon Wife of John 29/10/1726  
Elizabeth Bacon John and Hannah 02/11/1726  
Thomas Henson Thomas and Sarah 04/11/1726  
Hannah Bacon John and Hannah 11/11/1726  
William Cropper Henry and Mary 13/11/1726  
Mary Linacre   20/12/1726  
Sarah Henson
Wife of Thomas 07/05/1727  
Dorothy Henson
Wife of William 02/06/1727 68 (m)
John Smith   24/08/1727  
Roberrt Henson Thomas and Sarah 18/09/1727  
Joseph Linacre Thomas and Mary 10/11/1727  
Thomas Knight   27/12/1727  
Robert Scarcely Edward and Elizabeth 30/01/1728  
Thomas Bennet Thomas and Dorothy 26/01/1728  
John Shephard John and Jane 20/03/1728  
Susannah Keitly Widow 21/06/1728  
Richard Cripwell
  28/07/1728 67 (m)
Richard Attenborough   01/09/1728  
Mary Henson Nathaniel and Ruth 12/01/1729  
William Hog Anthony and Elizabeth 12/01/1729  
Ann Black Widow 13/02/1729  
Henry Cripwell
Son of Richard and Jane 16/03/1729 23 (m)
Nathan Shaw Husband of Bridget 22/04/1729  
Jane Cripwell
Wife of Richard 28/04/1729 66 (m)
Ann Smith   17/05/1729  
Ann Linacre Thomas and Ann 19/12/1729  
William Henson
Husband of Dorothy 29/09/1730 77 (m)
William Ragsdale of Bunny   14/11/1730  
Elizabeth Howel Samuel and Elizabeth 18/01/1731  
Bridget Shaw of Bunny   28/02/1731  
Ann Linacre Thomas and Mary 26/09/1731  
Ann Marrot Daniel and Elizabeth 19/08/1731  
Ann Gee Thomas and Sarah 10/03/1732  
Francis Hoile Isaac and Elizabeth 04/04/1732  
Daniel Woolat   24/04/1732 47 (m)
Mary Cripwell
Wife of Richard 24/12/1732  
Henry Shepherd   22/12/1732  
Ann Ragsdale   30/12/1732  
Thomas Squire   21/01/1733  
Elizabeth Robison   04/02/1733  
Ann Brown   12/02/1733  
Hannah Charity   28/05/1733  
Edward Scarcely Husband of Elizabeth 02/06/1733  
Jane Shepherd   26/06/1734  
Elizabeth Pilkington Ben and Martha 05/06/1735  
John Linacre Thomas and Mary 09/02/1735  
Alice Spur George and Jane 09/02/1735  
Mary Godherd   07/12/1735  
Robert Shaw Robert and Rebecca 29/02/1736  
William Shaw Robert and Rebecca 06/03/1736  
Mary Linacre Wife of Thomas 07/04/1736  
Mary Pilkington Ben and Martha 30/09/1736  
John Huccoby Husband of Elizabeth 05/10/1736  
William Hornbuckle William and Ann 09/01/1737  
John Gamble   11/03/1737  
Richard Harrison Thomas and Mary 11/03/1737  
Mary Bacon Wife of Joseph 09/04/1737  
Pindar Tongure   12/04/1737  
Isaac Hoile Husband of Elizabeth 13/08/1737  
Ann Attewell   27/10/1737  
Elizabeth Hoile   10/11/1737  
Richard Henson Nathaniel and Ruth 31/01/1738  
John Smith John and Ann 20/06/1738  
Widow Scarcely Wife of Edward 10/08/1738  
Thomas Gee Thomas and Sarah 12/01/1739  
John Henson William and Mary 03/02/1739  
Hastings Marrat Henry and Jane 15/02/1739  
Martha Brown John and Sarah 29/04/1739  
Samuel Howel Samuel and Ann 16/03/1740  
Dorothy Bartram   26/03/1740  
Elizabeth Marrat Henry and Jane 11/05/1740  
Robert Bun
Widow Alsop   06/08/1740  
John Shepherson John and Elizabeth 21/08/1740  
Lady Jane Parkyns   02/09/1740  
Joseph Tomson Peter and Sarah 08/02/1741  
Sir Thomas Parkyns   25/03/1741  
Mary Bennet Wife of John 04/11/1741  
William Attenborow Robert and Elizabeth 20/08/1742  
Elizabeth Attenborow   05/10/1742  
Isabel Smith   14/10/1742  
John Shaw   03/12/1742  
Hugh Shaw Robert and Rebecca 04/02/1743  
Richard Butler Richard and Ann 13/03/1743  
Mary Dexter Joseph and Ann 29/03/1743  
Samuel Smith Henry and Mary 11/04/1743  
William Smith of Bunny   21/04/1743  
Mary Bertrum Robert and Hannah 08/06/1743 10
Richard Henson Thomas and Elizabeth 26/06/1743  
Samuel Priestly John and Elizabeth 27/06/1743  
Ann Buxton Joseph and Ann 25/07/1743  
Thomas Bennet John and Mary 02/01/1744  
Ann Benet Wife of Richard 14/02/1744  
Elizabeth Hog Wife of Anthony 23/02/1744  
Ann Butler of Bunny   09/03/1744  
Mr Humphrey Wainwright
Mary Priestly John and Elizabeth 11/05/1744  
John Towers of Bunny   08/08/1744  
Henrietta Vincent Wife of Samuel 16/08/1744  
Samuel Vincent Samuel and Henrietta 13/08/1744  
Katharine Hornbuckle   03/09/1744  
John Vincent Samuel and Henrietta 13/08/1745  
Philip Cropper Henry and Dorothy 11/03/1746  
Richard Hrrison Thomas and Margaret 13/09/1746  
Widow Gee of Bunny   19/11/1746  
Mary Lawson William and Jane 27/11/1746  
Sarah Brown John and Sarah 24/02/1747  
Mary Linacre   01/07/1747  
John Priestly John and Elizabeth 24/09/1747  
John Buckland   23/09/1747  
Thomas Clayton of Bunny   09/01/1748  
Joseph Hawkins John and Mary 22/01/1748  
Joseph Buxton Joseph and Katherine 01/02/1748  
Thomas Tayler Thomas and Sarah 17/05/1748  
William Cross   15/09/1748  
Thomas Henson   29/09/1748  
Mary Walker   17/09/1748  
John Harrison Thomas and Mary 09/11/1748  
John Peet of Bunny   09/09/1749  
Ann Attenborow Robert and Mary 24/10/1749  

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