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As Bunny Church dates back to the thirteenth century, it is almost certain burials in the churchyard began before any proper records were established. The churchyard is now substantially smaller than it would have been originally, and recent research has suggested some burial plots may have been reused as pressure for space grew in the 19th century.

Bunny Churchyard South - Click for a full sized image

Bunny Churchyard South Side

The Bunny Millennium History Group recently undertook a project to produce an accurate plan of the churchyard listing all of the grave plots. They discovered the churchyard currently has 390 visible memorials remaining. Of these, the earliest found dates back to 1702. More information can be found on the Churchyard Inscription page.

The Parish registers of burials shows there were 1269 burials in the 17th Century, 1133 burials in the 18th Century and 1037 burials in the 19th Century. Those from 1715 to 1899 have been transcribed and are now available on this site. Where a corresponding entry has been found on Church Inscriptions index, a link directly to this record has been added to the burials entry. This will allow the reader to view the memorial inscription where it was readable.

Bunny Churchyard North - Click for a full sized image

Bunny Churchyard North Side

More pictures of the Bunny Churchyard are available on the Bunny Photos page.

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