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Name Ref Comments Inscription
ALCOCK (?) wife of William and daughter of Thomas HARWOOD.156 8012 cannot read date J B Robinson
In memory of Mary wife of William Allcock and Daugter of Tho? ? arwood. W? 1961
ALSOPP Elizabeth, died June 19th 1798, aged 87. 4812 View entry on Burials register Underneath this lied deposited the remains of Mrs Elizabeth Alsopp. She was from her early years resident in the family of Sir Thomas Parkins Bart. Who with exemplary resignation added to the most pious fortitude submitted herself to the Divine Hall and departed this life on the 19th day of June 1798 aged 87 years.
ALSOP Martha, daughter of Hugh and Mary of Bradmore, died Jan 23rd 1720, aged 2. 8411 Old style lettering with broken words at ends of lines. Here lieth the ye Body of Martha, the daughter of Hugh Allsop of Bradmore by Mary his wife , who departed this life January ye 23rd Anno Dom, 1720 and ye 2nd year of her age
ALTON Rose Annie, died Aug 4th 1908, aged 32,
also Fred, died Mar 27th 1932, aged 73.
0604   In Loving memory of Rose Annie Alton died August 4th 1908 aged 32 years
Also Fred Alton March 27th 1932 aged 73.
Lifes work well done
ANDERSON Shermam George Outram, born Feb 21st 1863, died Jan 9th 1920, for 17 years Vicar of this parish. 6105    
ANDREWS Mary, 1890 - 1945 6104    
ANYAN George, son of George and Harriet, died Dec 18th 1894 at Bradmore, aged 19. 8512 S Drake 109 Derby Rd Nottm “Loving Memory of George the beloved son of George and Harriet Anyan, who died at Bradmore December 18th 1894 age 19 years. With Christ, which is far better”
ANYAN Mary, see Attewell, Lucy      
ARCHER William, son of George and Ann, died Sep 4th 1721, aged 48. 4413 Old stone- interesting lettering and ‘Belvoir Angel’. Here lieth ye body of William son of George Archer by Anne his wife who died Sept the 4th 1721 in ye 48th year of his age
ARMSTRONG Hilda, daughter of George and Harriet A., died May 26th 1915, aged 22. 1005   In Loving Memory of Hilda, the beloved daughter of George and Harriett Armstrong who died May 26th 1915 aged 22 years
Rock of Aged cleft for me, Let me hide myself in Thee
also Walter, son
also Hannah , wife of Thomas
2506   In Loving memory of My Dear Husband Thomas Armstrong. At Rest
Our dear son Walter Armstrong. Re-united
Our devoted Mother Hannah Armstrong
Re-united with her loved ones
ASTBURY Nell, died Feb 7th 1993, aged 88. 2510 No.122 Cremated remains.
ATTENBOROUGH Ann of Bradmore, died Sep 2nd 1807, aged 57. 3005    
ATTENBOROUGH George, ( married daughter of Robert and Ann STEEMSON,) died Jun 7th 1799, aged 74. 3110 [Rowbotham] Near this place in the dust are entombed the mortal remains of George Attenborough Late of Bradmore who married Mary the daughter of Robert and Ann Steemson;
He departed this uncertain life on the 7th day of June Anno Domini 1799 aged 74 years
Reader, behold a Friend sincere, A tender parent interr’d here, Love’d and esteem’d, to Death resign’d A worthy pattern to mankind. His loss each hour we live to moan And hope from earth to Heav’n he’s gone.
ATTENBOROUGH George, son of Richard and Martha A. of Bradmore, died Sep 23rd 1804, aged 21. 8810   A memorial of George Attenborough son of Richd and Martha Attenborough of Bradmore who resigned this life on the 23rd of Septr 1804 age 31 years
Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord
Rev 5 XIV : 13
ATTENBOROUGH Hannah, relict of William of Bradmore, died Aug 31st 1840, aged 71. 8811   Erected in affectionate remembrance of Hannah relict of William Attenborough of Bradmore who departed this life August the 31st 1846 age 71 years
Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord for they rest from their labours
ATTENBOROUGH John of Bradmore, died Jan 17th 1838, aged 78. 3108 [Winfield , Wimswold] Erected in remembrance of John Attenborough of Bradmore who departed this life the 17th day of January MDCCCXXXV111 aged 78 years
Reader: Prepare to meet thy God.
ATTENBOROUGH Martha, wife of Richard of Bradmore, died May 18th 1796, aged 56.
also Elizabeth, daughter of William and Hannah, grand-daughter of Richard and Martha, died May 26th 1796, aged 1yr and 6months.
8714   Beneath are deposited the Remains of
Martha the wife of Richd Attenborough of Bradmore, She departed this life on the 18th of May 1796 in the 57th year of her age
Elizabeth the daughter of William and Hannah Attenborough and daughter of the aforesaid she died May the 26th 1796
There is no Age that death will spare, All Ages they must died. Reader! With care, for Heav’n prepare. To live eternally. R
ATTENBOROUGH Mary, wife of Robert and relict of Thomas PEET of Bradmore, died Nov 25th 1775, aged 66. 8214    
ATTENBOROUGH Mary, wife of George of Bradmore, and daughter of Robert STEEMSON by Ann his wife, died Aug 19th 1770, aged 47,
also STEEMSON Robert of Bradmore, died Oct 15th 1758, aged 68,
also Mary, wife of Robert, died May 1st 1758, aged 62.
3004 [ J.Winfield]

double sized slate.

……of Bradmore and Ann his wife, She departed this life May 1st 1758 aged 62 years and he died October the 15th 1758 aged 68 years “Blest are those, in Jesus dead, Sweet their slumber, soft their bed: Silly we for such to weep, They’re not dead, but gone to sleep.
Also her lieth the body of Mary the wife of George Attenborough of Bradmore and Daughter of the said Robert Steemson by Ann his wife. She departed this life August the 10th 1770 in the 47th year of her age
Grieve not my Husband dear; I am no dead but sleeping here, My debt is paid; my Grave you see, My children dear grieve not for me
ATTENBOROUGH Richard, died May 18th 1785, aged 46,
also John, son of Richard and Martha, died May 18th 1785, aged 22,
also Elizabeth, daughter of Richard and Martha, died Jul 15th 1785, aged 28.
8711 Stone with decorative top.

[S.Robotham of Bradmore]

Beneath this place lieth interr’d ye body of Richard Attenborough of Bradmore He died May the 18th 1785 aged 46 years
Also to the memory of John son of ye abovesaid by Martha his wife. He died May ye 18th 1786 aged 22 years
Also to the Memory of Elizabeth Daughter of the above said, she died July ye 15th 1785 aged 28 years.
Go home dear Friend and shed no tears, We must lie here till Christ appears, For at this coming we hope to have A Joyfull rising from the Grave
ATTENBOROUGH Robert, late of Bradmore, died Oct 6th 1813, aged 63. 3112 Winfield
Erected in Remembrance of Robert Attenborough late of Bradmore who departed this life the 6th day of October MDCCCXIII aged 63 years
Behold Spectator, turn thy wandring eye, Lo deep in silent slumbers now I lie; When Heaven’s high-will requir’d my fleeting breath, Resign’d I met the sudden stroke of death.
ATTENBOROUGH Robert of Bradmore, died Apr 21st 1756 in the 46th year of his age. 8709   Here lieth interr’d the body of Robert Attenborough of Bradmore who departed this life April the 21st in the Year of our Lord MDCCLVI and the 46th year of his age
ATTENBOROUGH Robert late of Bradmore, died Mar 19th 1809 8707   Sacred to the Memory of Robert Attenborough late of Bradmore who exchanged TIME for ETERNITY on the 19th of March 1809 aged 38 years
Reader, as thou are now so, once was I, O think of Death and be prepar’d to die
ATTENBOROUGH Thomas, died Aug 18th 1801, in the 4th year of his age,
also Jane, died Feb 28th 1819, aged 19, son and daughter of William and Hannah ATTENBOROUGH.
8814 Winfield In affectionate remembrance of the beloved son and daughter of William and Hannah Attenborough of Bradmore. Thomas Attenborough departed this life August 1st 1801 in the 4th year of his age.
Jane Attenborough left this vale of tears February 28th 1819 in the 20th year of her age
Behold the eye of the Lord is upon them that fear him upon them that hope in his mercy to deliver their soul from death
ATTENBOROUGH William, son of R. and M.A. of Bradmore, died Aug 4th 1802, aged 36. 8812 Rowbotham Beneath are deposited the remains of William son of R & M Attenborough of Bradmore who departed this life August 4th 1802 aged 36 years
I had fainted unless I had believed to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living
Psalm 27 verse 13
ATTEWELL Arthur Vernon, born Feb 17th 1898, died Apr 11th 1971. Chorister of this church for 50 years,
also Edith Alice, born Mar 7th 1905, died Nov 13th 1983.
2510 (No.82) Cremated remains
ATTEWELL Douglas Harry, died Mar 28th 1976, aged 72,
also Helen Amy, died Jul 29th 1987, aged 81.
2910 (No.97) In Loving Memory of a dear husband and father Douglas Harry Attewell, died 28th March 1976 aged 72 and a dear wife and mother Helen Amy died 29th July 1987 aged 81
ATTEWELL Henry, died Jan 16th 1909, aged 82,
also Mary, wife of Henry,
0803   In Loving memory of Henry Attewell who died Jany 16th 1909 aged 82 years
Also of Mary his wife who died Jany 15th 1913 aged 72 years
At Rest
ATTEWELL Henry/ Sophia JAMES ?2826 Large square marble block flower holder Remembered. Our grandparents Henry Albert Attewell of Bradmore 1871-1953. Sophia James of Bradmore 1880-1960
ATTEWELL John of Bradmore, died Jun 4th 1929, aged 63,
also Elizabeth, wife of John, died Nov 7th 1958, aged 85.
  Sacred to the memory of John Attewell, Bradmore who was called home suddenly June 4th 1929 aged 63 years.
And of Elizabeth Attewell his beloved wife who was called home November 7th 1958 aged 86 years. Reunited
ATTEWELL John, died Oct 8th 1909, aged 87. 0702   John Attewell, who died October 8th 1909 aged 87 years, Also of Mary his wife, who died Feby 2nd 1911 aged 87 years
“Peace, Perfect Peace “
ATTEWELL Lucy, died Mar 27th 1947, aged 83,
also ANYAN Mary, died Jul 26th 1949, aged 80.
  Sacred to the memory of Lucy Attewell, who passed away on March 27th 1947 aged 83 years
Blessed are the pure in heart
Also Mary Anyan, who died on the 26th July 1949 aged 80 years. Companions reunited.
ATTEWELL Stanley Victor, died Feb 21st 1955, aged 56,
also Robina Elizabeth, died May 3rd 1978, aged 79.
2929 E Smith Nottm In loving memory of Stanley Victory Attewell died 21st February 1955 aged 56.
And Robina Elizabeth Attewell reunited 3rd May 1978 aged 79
BAGGULEY Alice Ethel Mary of Bradmore, buried April 10th 1975.   Location not known.  
BAGGULEY Cecil P. of Bradmore, died Feb 19th 1981, aged 72
3432 (No.67)  
BAGGULEY Mary Kathleen of Bradmore, died May 15th 1995,
aged 81.
also Marion Lucy Bagguley, died 6th Jan 2000, aged 93.
3331 (No.134)

(No 152)

also Martha
2732   “Robert and Martha Bagguley”
BAGGULEY Robert of Bradmore, died Oct 8th 1946,
aged 73,
also Annie Mary his wife, died Oct 27th 1974, aged 92.
BARNET Joseph of Keyworth, died Feb 27th 1786, aged 76,
also Ann, wife of Joseph, died June 5th 1803, aged 81.
5503 large slab 6’0” by 3’0”
[Winfield ]
BARNET Mary, daughter of the late Joseph and Ann of Keyworth, died Apr 11th 1828, aged 76. 5505 [Winfield]  
BARRATT Mary, died Aug 19th 1858, aged 7. 8612    
BAXTER Mary Elizabeth, wife of Frederick Baxter, died Nov 25th 1935, aged 68,
also Frederick, died Dec 1st 1949, aged 80.
  In Loving memory of Mary Elizabeth the beloved wife of F. Baxter who died November 25th 1935 aged 68 years “At rest”
Also of the above Frederick Baxter who died December 1st 1949 aged 80 years
BEEBY Richard Dennis, died Apr 23rd 1918, aged 9 mths,

4710 Cross on a plinth.

(No. 172)

In Loving Memory of Richard Dennis Beeby who died April 22nd 1918 aged 9 months
Also Edith Mary, died May 3rd 1918, aged 2 and ½ years
“ Safe from temptation, safe from sin’s pollution. They lived whom we call dead”
Also Walter Lacey Beeby, died May 13th 1955, aged 71,
also Edith Beeby, died Jun 1st 1971, aged 88.
Also Kenneth Lacey Beeby, ashes buried, Sept 2003.
BEETHAM William, Rev., of Sidney College, Cambridge, formerly Vicar of Bunny, after-wards Rector of Costock and Keyworth of which places he was the respected minister for nearly 50 years, born Sep 21st 1758, died Aug 14th 1833,
also Col. William, eldest son of the above, late of H.M. 54th Regt., born Sep 21st 1787, died Aug 14th 1858,
also Rev. John Tidy, 2nd son of the above of Christ’s College, Cambridge, Vicar of Bunny for 41yrs, born Aug 17th 1790, died Mar 9th 1864.

Memorial stone within slabbed and railed area immediately north of the Church tower - probably a vault.

View entry on Burials register (Col. William)

View entry on Burials register (John Tidy)

BENNETT, William Barrington, aged 69, ashes buried 6th Jan 2005. 2510 (No.182) Cremated remains
BENTLEY Albert E. 1918 - 1993
‘companion of Lorraine Hall’
2525 (No.127) Cremated remains
BOATMAN Mary, daughter of Captain and Mrs. Boatman, aged 3 months. (no date recorded) 9111    
BLACKLOCK Mary Ann of Carlisle, died Jan 25th 1954, aged 85. 2824   In Loving Memory of our dear Nana, Mary Ann Blacklock of Carlisle who died Jany 25th 1954 aged 85 years
BONSER Elizabeth, late of Kinoulton, wife of Thomas and daughter of Robert ROWBOTHAM of Bradmore by Alice his wife, born Jan 24th 1765, died Jan 23rd 1794,
also ROWBOTHAM Mary, 2nd daughter of Thomas and Mary R. of Bradmore, and grand-daughter of R. and A.R., died in infancy,
also BONSER Ann, only daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth B., and grand-daughter of Robert and Alice R., died in infancy,
also FISH Ann, 2nd daughter of John and Ann FISH of Nottingham, and grand-daughter of R. and A.R., died in infancy.
3003 Eliz. was the dau of the stonemason/engraver. She has an ornate slate with Angel sounding a trumpet ‘The trumpet shall sound and the dead shall be raised’


This stone is dedicated to the memory of Elizabeth the wife of Thos Bonser late of Kinoulton and Daughter of Robt Robotham of Bradmore by Alice his wife. She began her existence on the 24th day of January 1765, and after enduring abundance of Afflictions at length her indisposition terminated in a Consumption which she bore for two years with great fortitude and calmly submitted with exemplary resignation ( highly becoming her character throughout life) so the cold approach of Death, who by an awful call summoned her to leave this uncertain earthly stage on the 23rd January 1794 in order to withdraw to a glorious immortality after a wearisome life of nearly 29 years.
BOOT Martha, wife of Francis of Ruddington, died Jul 26th 1724 in her 24th year,
also Mary, daughter of Francis and Martha, died 1724, in her 1st year.
5308 Slate tombstone “Here Lyeth ye Body of Martha Boot the Wife of Francis Boot of Ruddington. She departed this life July the 26th Anno Dom 1724 and ye 24th year of her age
Here lyeth also the Body of Mary ye daughter of Francis Boot by Martha his wife. She departed this life March 12th Anno Domini 1724 and in the first year of her age”
BOSWORTH Fred, born Jan 11th 1886, died Sep 10th 1933,
also John, died Sep 5th 1937, aged 83,
also Ellen A., wife of John, died Aug 21st 1938, aged 77.
Kerb edging “In Loving Memory of Ellen A Bosworth wife of John Bosworth died August 21st 1938 aged 77 years”

“Sacred to the memory of Fred Bosworth”

BOSWORTH Gervase of Bradmore, died Feb 7th 1867 in the 78th year of his age,
Ann his wife, John and Thomas his sons
And Elizabeth wife of Thomas
7302 [G.Hitchcock, Keyworth] In affectionate remembrance of Gervase Bosworth of Bradmore who departed this life Febry 7th 1867 in the 78th year of his age also Ann, wife of the above, died Aug 19th 1874, aged 85,
also John, son of the above, who was lost at sea, Jan 14th 1843 in the 25th year of his age,
also Thomas, likewise son of the above, died in Ireland, Apr 10th 1860 in the 50th year of his age,
“Blessed are the Dead which died in the Lord”
also Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Bosworth who died Apr 26th 1863, aged 33
BOSWORTH John, husband of Frances Ann, died Nov 8th 1927, aged 66,
also Frances Ann, wife, died Feb 20th 1936, aged 82,
also SMITH Winifred Ellen, died Jun 13th 1989,
also William Carriss SMITH, died 11th May 1995.
  “In loving memory of Dear Husband John Bosworth, who died November 8th 1927 aged 66 years,
Also of Frances Ann, beloved wife of above who died February 20th 1935 Aged 82 year. Reunited”

Separate stone at base
Winifred Ellen Smith, 30th Nov. 1904 - 13th June 1989
William Carriss Smith 28th Aug 1905 – 11th May 1995

Anne and Mary
7301 [Hull] In memory of Thomas Bosworth “The much esteemed and deeply regretted Master of the Free School of this Parish who studied the best interests of the pupils of the same: it being ever his most anxious endeavor to promote the Glory of God, and the welfare of the children committed to his care.” He died Sep 5th 1853, aged 41” also his wife Anne, died Apr 10th 1840, aged 24,
also Mary their daughter, died Oct 13th 1839, aged 2 mths
“Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord for they rest from their labours”
(This stone was erected by his only surviving sister, Rebecca Bosworth.)
BOSWORTH Thomas, died Mar 10th 1840, aged 70,
Bosworth, Catherine
Jane and Ann
7206 [Hull : Loughborough] In memory of Thomas Bosworth who died the 10th Mar 1840 aged 70 years
also Catherine, relict of Thomas Bosworth, who died Jun 2nd 1853, aged 75,
also of two daughters of the above, Jane, daughter of the above, died Aug 10th 1847,
aged 42 years,
Anne, , died Sep 16th 1842, aged 37.
“He that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live/ St John XI. C. 25 v
(This stone was erected by their only surviving daughter Rebecca Bosworth.)
BOSWORTH Valentine, died Mar 21st 1872, aged 45,
also George Walker, died Apr 14th 1866, aged 2 years 3 mths ,
also Mary, wife of Valentine B., died Jun 29th 1878,
aged 46.

[G.Hitchcock : Keyworth]

View entry on Burials register (Valentine)

View entry on Burials register (Mary)

In affectionate remembrance of Valentine Bosworth who departed this life March 21st 1872 aged 45 years.
Also George Walker Bosworth who departed this life April 14th 1866 age 2 years and 3 months
Also in affectionated remembrance of Mary the beloved wife of Valentine Bosworth who departed this life June 29th 1878 aged 46 years.
“Keep yourselves in the love of God Looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life”
BOTHAM Elizabeth, wife of Samuel, daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth SMITH, died Jul 12th 1772, aged 22. 5201


View entry on Burials register (Elizabeth)

Here lieth the Body of Elizabeth the Wife of Samuel Botham and Daughter of Daniel Smith by Elizabeth his wife. She died July the 12th 1772 aged 22 years.
Make sure of Christ do not delay, For no-one knows their dying Day. The Sweetest Flower soon decays, And so our Time doth fade away, Therefore repent when you have Time. Death cut me off just in my Prime
BOTLER, Sarah 1206   In loving memory of Sarah the beloved wife of Thomas Botlers who died Decr 26th 1924 aged 70 years “Lead kindly light”
BOUTLAND John Colling, husband of Ida Kate, died 14th Oct 1946,
also Ida Kate, died July 6th 1997, aged 97.
6303 (No.143)
There is a small rectangular stone lying flat on the base of the grave
In loving memory of John Colling Boutland, the loving husband of Ida Kate who died Oct 14th 1946. Till we meet again in Gods good time
(Stone inscription) And Ida Kate Boutland beloved wife of John, who died July 6th 1997 aged 97 years. Reunited
BOWETT Cpl. F. H. Leslie, died Apr 14th 1917, aged 21.
(Regiment : L A T , R.E.)
9114 [Bamford, Nottm.]  
BROWN Ann, wife of late Thos Brown of Bradmore, died 15th Jan 1774, aged 78. 4707 [Winfield] Here lieth the remains of Ann, wife of the late Thos Brown of Bradmore. She departed this life January the 15th 1774 aged 78 years
Beneath this stone a faithful friend is laid, Who has the common debt of nature paid. When living, honest generous and kind. A loss to all her friends she’s left behind; But from this World, her soul has took its flight, To dwell in endless joys, and sweet delight”
BROWN Edith Evelyn, wife of Clarence RICHMOND, died Aug 6th 1926, aged 26,
also Alice Brown, her mother, died 18th Mar 1947,
also William Brown, her father, died 21st Apr 1952,
  In Loving Memory of Edith Eveline, The dearly loved wife of Clarance Richmond who fell asleep August 6th 1926 aged 26 year. The Lord is my Shepherd
Also William husband of Alice Brown who died April 21st 1952 aged 78 years
Also of Alice Brown, mother of Edith Eveline who died March 18th 1947 aged 70 years
BROWN Ernest Alfred, died 11th Dec 1977, aged 59,
also Joyce, wife of Ernest, died April 28th 2000, aged 78..
2908 (No.154)
E Smith
In loving memory of Ernest Alfred Brown died 11th Dec 1977 aged 59 years.
Joyce Brown died 29th April 2000 aged 78 years. Together again.
BROWNLOW Dudley Albert, son of M. and C. L. Brownlow, born 3rd Oct 1917, died 4th Mar 1924. 6405    
BUCKLAND Florence A., 1892-1953.
also Charles W., 1891-1955.
2825   In Loving memory of Florence A Buckland 1892-1953
Charles Buckland 1891-1955
BUNN Robert, died Jul 8 1740, aged 37,
also Mary, daughter of Robert and Hannah, died 6th Jun 1743,
aged 10.

W Charles, Sculp

View entry on Burials register Robert)

Here lieth interr’d the Body of Robert Bunn, Who departed this Life July ye 8th in ye year of our Lord 1740
And also ye Body of Mary the Daughtr of y said Robert Bunn by Hannah his Wife. She died ye 6th June 1743 in the 11th year of her Age
Stay Brethren stay, behold and see, For as we are, so must you be; For Young and Old and all must die, Therefore prepare for eternity.
BURMAN Clarice, buried July 12th 1989, aged 80.   (No.108) No known plot  
BUTLER Ann, wife of John Butler, died Jun 3rd 1844 in her 29th year,
also to the memory of John Butler
also of Elizabeth, relict of James Goodacre,
4805 Sandstone slab with worn
Sacred to the Memory of Ann wife of John Butler who departed this life June 5th 1844 in the 29th year of her Age.
Also to the memory of John Butler who died July 7th 1845 aged 35 years.
Also Eliz’th Relict of James Goodacre who died July 23rd 1856 aged 72 years.
BUTLER Lizzie Ann, wife of William and only child of Thomas and Sarah CRAMPTON of this village, died Feb 17th 1918, aged 36. 9011    
BUTLER Mary, see DALBY. 4315    
BUTLER Sarah, wife of Thomas, died Dec 26th 1924,
aged 70.
1206 [H. Whitmore, Peverill St.  
BUTLER William, died Sep 2nd 1861, aged 47,
also Elizabeth, wife of William, died Jun 4th 1900,
aged 77.
5601 View entry on Burials register (William) In affectionate remembrance of William Butler who departed this life September 2nd 1861 aged 47 years
“Therefore be ye also ready for in such an hour as we think not the Son of man cometh. Matt XXIV 4-4
Also of Elizabeth wife of the above who died June 4th 1900 aged 77 years
Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.
BYWATER Mary, died 5th Aug 1831, aged 76. 4101 [Archer.Gotham] “Erected to the Memory of MARY BYWATER. She departed this Life August 5th 1831 Aged 76 years.
The time we have allotted her, We highly out to prize; To strive to make Salvation sure, Before death close our eyes.
CADD see GADD.      
CADE Jane, wife of John, died Aug 1st 1819, aged 69,
also John, died 10th Jun 1816, aged 70.
4301 [Winfield] “Erected to perpetuate the Memory of Jane the wife of John Cade who depart this transitory Life June 10th 1816 in the 71st year of his age. For the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory hoped for hereafter.
She departed this life August 1st 1819 in the 70th Year of her Age
When you behold the distant shore, Where endless joys you’ll find You’ll weep not that I went before, but that you’ve stay’d behind
CADE John, son of John and Jane, died Jul 3rd 1812,
aged 31.


View entry on Burials register

MEMEN MORI. Erected to the Memory of John the son of John and Jade Cade, he departed this life on the 3rd day of July 1812: in the 32nd year of his age.
Young men prepare yourselves to die, For life is short and death is nigh: Repent in time make no delay, I in my youth was call’d away. “
CADE Thomas, son of John and Jane, died Sep 3rd 1820, aged 32. 4507


View entry on Burials register

Sacred to the memory of Thomas, son of the late John and Jane Cade who departed this life on the 3rd of September MDCCCXX aged 33 years “Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh”
CAMM Douglas, Born 1922, died Dec 9th 1998, aged 76. 2510 (No.151) Cremated remains
CARNELL Elsie Edna, born Nov 11th 1916, died
13th Aug 1983,
also Frederick Lester, born Aug 4th 1915, died
Oct 20th 1990.
2510 (No.81)


Cremated remains
CARNELL Florence Kathleen, 2931 Kerb edging
Squires and sons Bingh.
In loving memory of Florence Kathlees Carnell. Died May 3rd 1921 aged 9 months
CARNELL John Philip, 1952-1994 3128 (No.131) Engraved with sheep’s head
and ears of corn
CARNELL Philip Henry, died Mar 11th 1997, aged 74. 2510 (No.140)  
CARTWRIGHT Ellis Nuttall, 1921 - 1995. 2525 (No.133)  
CAULDWELL Edna, died Nov 21st 1982, aged 66,
also her son Graham, died Jun 27th 1954, aged 6,
also her husband Laurence, died Jun 10th 1986, aged 69.
3029 (No. 78)


CHALLANDS Sgt. Fred, youngest son of William and Nancy Challands of Bradmore, died Jul 2nd 1918, aged 21,
also Nancy (above), died Jun 8th 1929, aged 74,
also William, husband of above, died Feb 9th 1941,
  In Loving Memory of Sgt Fred Challands, dearly loved youngest son of William and Nancy Challands. Bradmore. Died July 2nd 1918 aged 21 years
“Thy will be done”
Also the above Nancy Challands who died June 8th 1929 aged 74 years. AT rest
Also of William, beloved husband of the above Nancy Challands who died February 9th 1941 aged 85 years. Re-united
CHAMBERLAIN Benjamin, died Feb 9th 1870, aged 65,
also Mary Ann, wife of Benjamin, died 11th Mar 1888,
aged 78.
4609 [Wildgust,16 Church St.,New Lenton,Nottm] Split stone with inscriptions side by side.
Affectionate Remembrance. Benjamin Chamberlain who died February 9th 1870 in his 66th year. “He that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live”
Mary-Ann The beloved wife of Benjamin Chamberlain who died March 11th 1888 in he 79th year “When I am old and greyheaded O God forsake me not”
CHAMPIN Mary, wife to Harold. Champin. She departed this life 23rd May 1702 in the (?) year of her age. 4508 V. interesting old stone with bones
Oldest stone in churchyard
Here lyeth y body Mary Champin w… Was wife to Harol.. Champin she departed this life May the 23rd Anno Dom. 1702 in ? year of her age.
COLLINS Mary, wife of Joseph, died Sep 11th 1843,
aged 49.


View entry on Burials register

Sacred to the memory of Mary wife of Joseph Collins who died September 11th 1843 in the 60th year of he age. Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord
COOKE Alick, died Nov 22nd 1995, aged 84,
also Elizabeth (Betty), bur Feb 16th 2001, aged 84
3022 (No. 136)
(No. 157)
In Loving Memory of a dear husband and father, Alick Cooke, Died 22nd November 1995 aged 84 years. Always in our thoughts
Also devoted wife and mother Elizabeth “Betty” died 9th February 2001 aged 85 years. Together again”
CORDEAUX Margaret Dorothy 1902 - 1970
(Small plaque)
4701 (She founded the Bunny & Bradmore branch of the Woman’s Institute.)  
COTTON F. Iris, born May 25th 1912, died Mar 24th 1980,
Harold E. Cotton, born Nov 8th 1911, died
Feb 13th 1997, aged 85.
2906 (No.63)
E Smith
F. Iris Cotton 24.5.1912 – 24.3.1980.
Harold E. Coton 8.11.1911 – 13.2.1997
With Christ which is far better. Phil 1.23
COULDWELL, EDNA, GRAHAM &LAURENCE 3029   In Loving memory of a dear wife and mother Edna Couldwell, died 25th Nov. 1982 aged 66
Also her dear son Graham. Died 27th June 1954: aged 6
And her beloved husband Laurence: died 10th Dec. 1986; aged 69
CRIPWELL George Ernest, died Apr 1st 1979,
also Edith Mary, died Jul 10th 1979.
2510 (No.59)
Cremated remains
CRIPWELL John, son of Richard and Mary, died 1752 in 24th year 5406

[William Haywood ]

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Here lieth interr’d the Body of John Cripwell son of Richard and Mary Cripwell, He departed this life March 1st in t he Year of our Lord MDCCL11 and in the 24th year of his age
When disease, my life did seaze: and pears’d my tender heart, Just in the flower of my Age, But Death did end the Smart
CRIPWELL Mary, wife of Richard, died Dec 19th 1732 in 47th year. 5403 View entry on Burials register Here lyeth ye body of Mary Cripwell the Wife of Richard Cripwell, who departed this life December the 12th Anno Domini 1732 and in the 27th Year of her age
She was a Virtuous and loving wife, My souls indearing Friend. I hop she is. In Glory Crown’d with joys which have no end.
CRIPWELL John, son of Richard and Mary died Apr24th 1726 in 11th year. 5309 Slate tombstone Here lyeth the body of John son of Richard Cripwell and Mary his wife. He dyed April the 24th 1726 in ye 11th year of his age.
Eleven years a short liv’d breath, Exchang’d have I for Happy death, Let Friends and Parents weep no more, Here’s all the odds I went before”
CRIPWELL Richard, husband of Jane, died Jul 26th 1728 in 67th year,
also Jane, wife of Richard, died Apr 26th 1729 in 66th year,
also Henry, son of Richard and Jane, died 1729 in 23rd year, lies near this place

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Here lies the Body of Richard Cripwell the Husband of Jane Cripwell. He departed this life July the 26th Anno Domini 1728 and in the 67th year of his Age
Also Jane the wife of Richard Cripwell. She died April 26th 1729 and in the 66th Year of her Age
Near this place lies the Body of Henry the Son of Richard and Jane Cripwell, he departed this life March ye 14th 1729 and in the 23rd year of his Age
CRIPWELL Richard, of Loughborough, (Ann his first wife, departed Mar 24th.1760, aged 48.) He died Feb 8th 1803, aged 90. 5402 [S.R.]  
CRIPWELL Richard of High Fields, died 20th Dec 1777, aged 91, also recorded ,“near this place is buried Mary, 2nd wife of Richard, who died Dec 30th 1777, aged 68. 5407    
CRIPWELL Patricia Ann (Trisha), died Jul 13th 1985,
aged 40
2510 (No 86) Cremated remains
CRIPWELL William, son of Richard and Mary of High Fields, died 31st Jul 1781, aged 39 5507    
CROPPER Henry, died 3rd May 1726 in 55th year. 4908 (c)  
CROPPER Henry   Plaque inside church To the memory of Henry Cropper Eldest some of Henry Cropper of Loughborough, Gent.
A youth of promising abilities who Death Alas! Prematurely snatched away, from the fond hopes and desires of his mourning Parents and Friends. June 22nd 1794 in the 24th year of his Age. Go Reader! Meditate on the Instability of Life and prepare for Eternity.
CROPPER John, son of Henry Cropper, Gent., died 1st Jun 1780 in his 3rd year. 4908 (a)  
CROPPER Joseph, son of Henry of Loughborough, died 16th Jul 1779 in his 4th year. 4908 (b)  
CROSS Henry, died Feb 28th 1889, aged 60. 5908

[H.Spencer, 41 Derby Rd., Nottm.]

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CROSS J. Katherine McLeod, Aug 28th 1901 - Sep 28th 1978, wife of Arnold,
also Arnold Tracy Cross, Oct 31st 1899 - May 15th 1993.
2510 (No.125) Cremated remains
CROSS Thomas, died by the sudden visitation of God,
Jul 29th 1863, aged 55
also Silas, died Jun 7th 1871, aged 75.

[E.Hall Nottm]

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DALBY Ann, wife of William, died Nov 14th 1746, aged 38. 4414   Here lieth interr’d the body of Ann the Wife of William Dalby of Bradmore. She departed this Life November the 14th 1746 in the 39th year of her Age
No treasure is like a true Friend, Who like the Phoenix made her End: She spent her Heart to bring her Young. We hope to Heav’n her Soul is Sprung. There for to reign eternally god grant we all my thither fly
DALBY Ann, wife of Thomas of Bradmore, died Mar 10th 1814, aged 30. 4412 Winfield To the memory of Ann the wife of Thomas Dalby of Bradmore who departed this life March the 10th 1814 aged 30 years
With patience to the last she did submit, And murmur’d not at what the Lord thought fit. She with a Christian courage did resign, Her soul to God at his appointed time, Her lovely Babe lies by her side to rest, Till the last trumpet calls to heaven the blest.
DALBY Jane, wife of John of Nottingham, died Jul 3rd 1814, aged 29. 4309    
DALBY John, died Aug 7th 1825, aged 79,
also Catherine, wife of John, died Aug 7th 1846, aged 99.
4213 SBR Beneath repose the relicts of John Dalby and Catherine. He departed this life August 7th 1825 in his 80th year:
She quitted this transitory scene August 7th 1846 in the 99th years
Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord
DALBY Mary, wife of William, daughter of Richard and Ann BUTLER
Dec 12th 1800, aged 22.
4315   “Beneath here deposited the Remains of Mary wife of Wm Dalby of Bradmore: and Daughter of Richd and Ann Butler of Ratcliffe upon Trent. She died in childbirth Decr 12th 1860 Aged 22 years
Death how great thy Cruelty, Who for the Fruits shook down the Tree; But still thy Tyranny is Vain. For Fruit and Tree shall spring again And rise beyond the Monster’s Power. Where Christ will claim both Bud and Flower And welcome them unto a Throne, Of Heavenly Bliss: to us unknown”
DALBY Miriam E., died Oct 4th 1941, aged 79. 4214   In loving memory of Miriam S. Dalby who died Octr 4th 1941 in her 80th year. With Christ which is far better
DALBY Rebeckah, wife of William Dalby. of Bradmore, and daughter of Richard and Rebeckah WALKER, died Apr 22nd 1769, aged 26. 7810 Winfield. Fecit. Here lieth interr’d the Body of Rebeckah the wife of William Dalby of Bradmore and daughter of Richd and Rebeckah Walker. She died April the 12th 1769 aged 26 years
My Days of Earth they were but few, And wasted like the Morning Dew. When I could stay no longer her, I left my Spouse and Child so dear, To the kind Providenc of Heav’n and dy’d in hopes to be forgiven
DALBY Tom Herbert, died at Bradmore, Aug 3rd 1925, aged 55. “Our loving brother now at rest.” 6706    
DALBY William of Bradmore, died Dec 5th 1777, aged 68. 4312   “Here lieth the Remains of William Dalby of Bradmore Who departed this Life Deceber 5th 1777 In the 69th Year of his Age.
Affliction sore, long Time I bore, Physicians were in vain: GOD did please to give me Ease And rid me of my Pain. J.W.”
DALBY William of Bradmore, died Mar 11th 1907, aged 86,
also Mary, wife of William, died Apr 5th 1926, aged 92.
4212   “In Loving memory of William Dalby of Bradmore who died March 11th 1907 aged 80 years. Also Mary wife of the above who died April 5th 1926 : aged 92 years
He giveth his beloved sleep
DALBY William of Bradmore, died May 27th 1814, aged 42. 4310   “To the Memory of William Dalby of Bradmore who departed this Life May the 27th 1814 aged 42 Years.
Oh cruel death how could’st thou thus destroy At once a father’s hope? A mother’s joy: Duteous he was, lov’d by his friends sincere, But now in sacred dust, lies moulding here: Yet may he rise, where bliss supreme is given, And mingle with the blest, the saints in heaven”
DARBYSHIRE Leslie, died May 4th 1962. 4310    
DAVIES, Ann and Thomas 0804-05 See May Langton  
DAVIES Frank, of Royne Hse., Tunbridge Wells, died Mar 19th 1936, aged 56. 0807   In Loving memory of Frank Davies of Royne House, Tonbridge Wells, who departed this life March 19th 1936 aged 56 years “At rest”
DAVIES Frank, died Oct 31st 1985, aged 71,
also Mary Lilian, died Jan 23rd 1987, aged 71.
3028 (No.87)
In Loving Memory of Frank Davies passed away 31st Oct. 1985 aged 71 years and his dear wife Mary Lillian passed away 23rd January 1987 aged 71 years. Always remembered”
DAVIES Gladys May,
also Phyllis Mary,
also Fred,
  In Loving memory of Gladys May Davies died April 22nd 1938 aged 27, Phyllis Mary died Dec 23rd 1940 aged 24
Also Fred Davies died Nov 18th 1942, aged 31.
DAVIES Harry, died Nov 15th 1935, aged 51,
also Mary Elizabeth, wife of Harry, died Feb 22nd 1972, aged 87.
0806   In Memory of Harry Davies Died Nov 15th 1935 aged 51 years, also his wife Mary Elizabeth, re-united Feb 22nd 1972 aged 87 years
DORMAN Glynn Willias, died Jul 23rd 1997, aged 67. 2911 (No.144) ‘Showman’ In everloving memory of a dear husband and father Glynn William Dorman (Showman) who fell asleep 23rd July 1997 aged 67
DORMAN William Henry, died Dec 21st 1975, aged 65,
also Lily his wife, died Oct 7th 1989, aged 79.
2912 Merry go round engraved on
(No.110) head of stone
In loving memory of William Henry Dorman, a dear husband, father and grandfather. Died 21st December 1975 and aged 65 years and his wife Lily a beloved mother and grandmother died 7th October 1989 aged 79 years. Reunited
DUNCTON Harold Frederick, died Oct 19th 1966, aged 76,
also Hilda Gladys, died Mar 2nd 1973, aged 78.
2922   To the dear memory of Harold Frederick Duncton passed away 19th Oct. 1966 aged 76 years At Rest
Also his devoted wife Hilda Gladys. Reunited 2nd March 1973 aged 78 years.
EDWARDS John Bertram, died Oct 11th 1993, aged 63. 2525 (No.129)  
EGGLESTON Claude, died Nov 29th 1954, aged 58. 2821   Sacred memories of my dear husband Claude Eggleston who died 29th Nov. 1954 aged 58 years.
In heavenly love abiding
EGGLESTON Francis, died May 29th 1896, aged81,
also Mary his wife, died Jan 30th 1901, aged 85.

[March, Huntington St.,

View entry on Burials register (Francis)

ELLIOTT Caroline, wife of William, died Dec 12th 1948, aged 84.
also William, died Oct 11th 1955, aged 97.
4112   “Treasured memories of Caroline, beloved wife of William Elliott, who fell asleep December 12th 1948, aged 84 years. Love, sweetness, goodness in her person shined so clear.
Also of William Elliott, reunited with his dear wife October 11th 1955. Aged 97 years. “Sunset and Evening Star””
ELLIOT John, died Aug 14th 1908, aged 75,
also Ann, wife of John, died Aug 25th 1930, aged 82.
0704 H Whitmore
Peveril St. Nottm
In Loving memory of John Elliott who died August 14th 1908 aged 75 years “Until the day break and the shadows flee away”
Also of Ann wife of the above who died August 25th 1930 aged 82 years
“Lifes work well done, Life race well run, then cometh rest
ELLIS Paul 1972 - 1989 3025 (No.111) Treasured memories of a dear grandson and brother. Paul Ellis 1972 – 1989. Sadly missed
EVANS Gertrude Mary, died Apr 2nd 1959, aged 64,
also William Edward, died Apr 28th 1976, aged 82.
2926   In memory of Gertrude Mary Evans died 2nd April 1959 aged 64.
William Edward Evans died 28th April 1976 aged 82 R.I.P
FISH see BONSER.      
FOSTER William, died May 28th 1864 ,aged 63,
also Ann his wife, died May 7th 1843, aged 28,
also Mary his 2nd wife, died Mar 21st 1866, aged 58.

[Jackson, Nottm.]

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In affectionate remembrance of William Foster who died May 28th 1864 aged 63 years
Also Ann his wife who died May 7th 1843 aged 28 years
Also Mary his second wife who died March 21st 1866 aged 58 years
Though lost to sight – to memory dear
Erected by their children for their departed worth
FOX John, died Jun 19th 1970. - see STATON. 2822    
GADD (? or CADD) Septimus Sampson, died Sep 29th 1892,
also Mary his wife, died Feb 6th 1931, aged 85.
GEE William, died Aug 19th 1799, aged 59,
also Elizabeth, wife of William, died Dec 1st 1783,
aged 40.

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Near this place lied the remains of William Gee who departed this life August 19th 1799 age 59 years
H---. Alas is mortal Man, How soon he doth decay, Just so the Glory of this World must pass and fade away
Elizabeth Wife of William Gee who died Dec 1st 1783 aged 40 years
Christ was to me as Life on Earth, and Death I hope is gain, Thro’my redeemer I did trust, Salvation to obtain
GEE William, died Mar 6th 1811, aged 46,
also Alice, wife of William., died Jun 15th 1802, aged 36.


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Erected to the memory of William Gee who departed this transitory life March 6th 1811 aged 46 years
Alice wife of William Gee who died June the 15th 1802 aged 36 years
The Wages of Sin is death, but fit of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Romans V1 23
GEE William, died Aug 31st 1888 in his 90th year,
also Mary, wife of William, died Dec 16th 1903 in her 92nd year.

(Left edge missing)

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“In Remembrance of William Gee, Died Augst 31st 1888, n his 90th year
n loving memory, Mary Wife of the above, ied Decr 16th 1903 ,er 92nd year”
GIBSON Geoffrey Laurence, bur Aug 17th 2001, aged 69. 3019 (No. 162)  
GILL Marjorie, buried Oct 13th 2002, aged 91. 3016 (No. 170)  
GLOVER Elizabeth see HEBB.      
GOODACRE Ann, wife of Thomas, relict of John SAVAGE of Bradmore, died Dec 3rd 1811, aged72. 4802 [Winfield] In Memory of Ann the wife of Thomas Goodacre and relict of John Savage of Bradmore. She departed this life December the 3rd 1811 aged 72 years
One here inclos’d in silent slumber lies, Who in her life-time sought the only prize There’s one thing needful that desired she, To live with Christ to all eternity.
GOODACRE Elizabeth, relict of James GOODACRE, died Jul 23rd 1856 - see BUTLER. 4805    
GOODACRE James of Bradmore, died Sep 26th 1833, aged46. 4901 [Winfield] Slate tombstone
“In most affectionate remembrance of James Goodacre of Bradmore who departed this life September 26th 1833 Aged 46 years. He is not dead, but sleepeth. Luke V111. 52”
GOODACRE Thomas of Bradmore, died Mar 30th 1821,
aged 61.
4801 [Winfield] Sacred to the memory of Thomas Goodacre of Bradmore who departed this life on the 30th of March 1821 aged 61 years.
Eternal God, guide thou the mind Of those that I have left behind: Let grace and virtue, join on earth, To make them happy after death.
Plot reserved for Vicar’s wife      
GRAVES M.A. Linsan Alfred William,
also Margaret Elsie, died May 10th 1953.
2920   Linsan Alfred William Graves M. A. Priest. Vicar of Bunny with Bradmore 19060 – 1965
Died 10th January 1978
Margaret Elsie Graves died 10th May 1953
GREEN William, died Feb 11th 1830, aged 31,
also Mary Anne, daughter of above, died Nov 27th 1827, aged 11 months,
also ? in Memory of five sisters and one brother.
7404 Pratts.
To the memory of William Green who died February 11th 1830 aged 31 years,
Also Mary Anne daughter of the above, who died November 27th 1827 aged 11 month.
In memory of five sisters and one brother of Mrs Green.
Even as them also which sleep in Jesus, Will God bring with him. Thess. 4. 14
He shall gather the lambs with his arm and carry them in his bosom. Isiah 40. 11
Let friends forbear to mourn and weep. While sweetly in the dust we sleep: This toilsome World we have left behind. A Crown of Glory for to find.
GROOT, de, Susan Jean, ashes bur, Dec 9th 2000 2525 (No. 156) Cremated remains
GRUNDY Emma, beloved wife of George G. of Bradmore, died Oct 4th 1885, in her 28th year. 8911    
GRUNDY Thomas, died 23rd Oct 1897, aged 79,
also Mary, widow of the above, died Mar 14th 1898,
aged 75.
GRUNDY Thomas, beloved husband of Ann Grundy, Treeton Yorks., died at Bradmore, Sep 6th 1895, aged 49. 8906 Beneath this stone lies another  
GUNN John of Bunny, died Jul 28th 1808, aged 73. 3109 View entry on Burials register  
GUNN Marjorie, died Oct 20th 1993, aged 87. 2510 (No.130) Cremated remains
GUNN Mary, wife of Richard of Bradmore, died Dec 20th 1736, aged 58. 4103 [W Charles] “HERE lieth interr’d the Body of MARY, the Wife of the late Richard Gunn of Bradmore. She departed this Life December the 20th 1756. Aged LV111.
Blest are those in JESUS dead, Sweet their Slumber, felt their Bed. Silly we for such to weep, They’re not dead but gone to sleep. W. Charles. Sculp”
GUNN Mary, wife of William Gunn, and daughter of Richard and Martha ATTENBOROUGH of Bradmore, died Oct 12th 1800, aged 25. 8813


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Sacred to the Memory of Mary the wife of William Gunn and daughter of Richd and Maria Attenborough of Bradmore. She departed this life October 12th 1800 aged 25 years.
I had set the Lord always before me therefore my heart was glad and my glory rejoiced. My flesh also shall rest in hope – thou has shown me the path of life. In thy presence in fullness of joy. At thy right hand there are pleasure for evermore.
Psalm 16th part of the 8,9,11th verses
GUNN Richard, died Jan 10th 1949, aged 81,
also his son Richard, died Mar 24th 1972, aged 68.
GUNN Richard of Bradmore, died Oct 22nd 1748, aged 50. 4102 [W.Charles] “ here lieth interr’d the Body of Richard Gunn of BRADMORE , Who departed this Life, October the 22, In the Year of our Lord MDCCXLV111 and the 51st Year of his Age”
GUNN Thomas of Bunny, son of Thomas and Elizabeth Gunn of Ruddington, died 30th Jun 1781, aged 80,
also Elizabeth, wife of Thomas and daughter of William and Alice HARDMETT of Ruddington, died Dec 3rd 1761, aged 60
  View entry on Burials register (Thomas)  
GUNN William, died Aug 1st 1927, aged 70,
also Alice, died Jan 31st 1963, aged 94.
GUY Mary - see HEBB.      

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