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The following is a list of people married in St. Mary's Church, Bunny between 1556 and 1599.

Groom Bride Date
Henry Standley Ann Bradshawe 11th February 1556
Henry Howitt Joan Randall 8th May 1557
Thomas Smythe Kathering Brombey 16th May 1557
Edward Pepper Alice Dickins 1st July 1557
Thomas Dickins Grace Shepherd 13th November 1557
William Borowe Anne Baldocke 21st November 1557
Francis Burton Margaret Cowper 27th November 1557
William Smythe Margery Abbott 3rd February 1558
John Lovatt Joan Laine 5th February 1558
Ralph Doore Dussabell (? Dulcibel) Thackrawe 8th October 1558
Thomas Marshall Joan Burton 9th October 1558
Thomas Ingram Margery Smyth 28th January 1559
Thomas Parre Margery Abbot 28th January 1559
Edmund Sherwinne Elizabeth Randall 29th October 1559
William Smythe Annes Wright 2nd December 1559
John Wells Julyan Burton 25th January 1560
Simon Wright Alice Nixe 14th July 1560
Nicholas Colle Joan Wells 16th November 1560
John Smythe Margaret Wright 25th January 1561
William Wright Joan Randall 26th January 1561
Willian Braunson Joan Randall 19th April 1561
Thomas Williamson Agnes Hurst 21st June 1561
William Hall alias Henson Agnes Slayter Sonday after Saint Luke Daie 1561
Robert Phillingham Elizabeth Petting Saint Luke Daie 1562
Robert Ladd Margaret Archer 7th November 1562
Robert Collins Margery Hale 30th January 1563
Thomas Smyth Elizabeth Batt 12th January 1563
Ralph Doore Margery Smyth 19th January 1563
William Wheatley Ann Iven 3rd June 1564
Henry Lockton Agnes Spenser 15th July 1564
Thomas Hennefrey Margaret Foster 21st October 1564
Gilbert Robinson Alice Wright 4th November 1564
Richard Longley Elizabeth Leeke 16th November 1564
Peter Baldocke Elizabeth Bosworth 5th November 1565
Thomas Adcock Joan Parr 14th November 1565
Thomas Thorpe Lucy Glossop 20th November 1565
John Wright Alice Paire 1st December 1565
Ralph Doore Emmot Hill 13th May 1566
John Burton of Keyworth Isabel Phillingham of Br. 18th May 1566
William Martin Margaret Lees of Keyworth married by vic.lic. at Key. 13th May 1566
Ralph Parker Agnes Dore 25th June 1566
Robert Abbot of Br Alice Smyth 5th October 1566
Robert Lees Anne Selbie 16th November 1566
Richard Henson Loan Sherwinne 21st April 1567
William Hall Isabel Jelland of Br 4th October 1567
John Smyth Alice Randall 3rd November 1567
William Sherwinne of Br. Isabel Ivat of Br. 18th January 1568
Fardinando Angell Jullyan Olyver wayfaring persons maried on st. Valentyne Daie 1568
Robert Longley Elizabeth Lacie ord.lic. 24th February 1568
Hugh Sarson of Sutton Bonnington Margery Wright 15th October 1568
John Hall Joan Howit 8th November 1568
John Hall Alice Wright 8th November 1568
John Rowe of Stanton Katherin Laine of Br. 11th August 1569
Edmund Wright of Br. Agnes Wolley of Lenton 21st November 1569
Edward Burnam Margaret Bennet 21st November 1569
Edward Laine Joan Yzett 14th January 1570
John Collins Maud Ivin 27th May 1570
William Parre Julyan Wells of Br. 3rd June 1570
Edward Bolsinne Elizabeth Baker of Br. "on mydsomer day " 1570
Oliver Martin of Normanton Alice Abbott of Br. 1st July 1570
John Sands Dorothy Brombie 15th October 1570
John Raven of Grymston Joan Chambers 29th October 1570
Thomas Ragge Agnes Barker of Br. "on St Katherin Day " 1570
Lawrence Eldershay of Normanton p. Plumtree Alice Randall 11th November 1570
Ralph Dafte of Hickling Katherine Laine of Br. 4th February 1572
John Ayscough Agnes Oram 4th February 1572
Thomas Sherwinne Elizabeth Hasselwoode 19th May 1572
William Lightessell Elizabeth Smalley of Br. 9th December 1572
Robert Wright Elizabeth Huchinson 17th January 1573
Thomas Millet Annes Ransdale of Br. 21st January 1573
Thomas Parre of Br. Amye Woode of Kirk Hallam 16th June 1573
William (Tymynge) Joan Bredon 13th September 1573
John Tebbott Mary Rede of Br. 11th October 1573
William Mackrell Elizabeth Richards 2nd November 1573
Robert Plowright Elizabeth Johnson of Br. 15th November 1573
Hugh Trowell Agnes Mesam 16th November 1573
Robert Parre Annes Shewell of Keyworth by ord lic in the Church of Boney 9th December 1573
Robert Ladd Elizabeth Hallam of Br. 6th January 1573
Jarvis Storie Margaret Winnye of Br. 4th November 1574
Robert Dickins Joan Wollerton of Br. 28th November 1574
James Hallam Lizabeth Blagge 9th January 1575
Henry Thurman Modwinne Doore 13th May 1575
Thomas Dickinson Agnes Lunde of Br. 19th May 1575
William Plowright Alice Phillingham of Br. 16th October 1575
Ralph Dore Ann Heape 17th October 1575
Jarvis Ivatt Elizabeth Barker alias Tompson 29th October 1575
Jarvis Laine Ann Millet of Br. 27th November 1575
George Longly Ann Elliott 13th December 1575
William Wright Margery Wolley 18th December 1575
William Hall Margery Langton of Br 21st January 1576
Nicholas Lees Alice Longly 20th February 1576
Ezechie (? Hezekiah) Nixe Ann Alin 5th August 1576
Henry Wheatly Ann Wright 25th August 1576
Robert Pight Elizabeth Laine 29th October 1576
Robert Whittaker p.Plumtree Modwinne Thurman 21st June 1578
Andrew Birde of Owthorpe Agnes Wells 23th May 1579
Henry Chamberlaine Agnes Henson "of Keyworth within this parish of Boney" 3rd August 1579
William Shaye of Bramcote Margaret Randall 16th October 1580
John Braunson of Wysaw (Wisall) Maud Richards 7th November 1580
John Downes of Rempstone Annes Ladde 20th November 1580
Henry Richards of Cropwell Anne Laine of Br. 29th January 1581
Richard Gunthorpe Mary Ladd 30th October 1581
Jarvis Laine Isabel Stevenson of Br. 5th December 1581
Richard Richardson Elizabeth Ransdale of Br . 3rd February 1582
William Renford Lucy Thorpe 13th June 1582
Thomas Bond Alice Waine 9th September 1582
John Sutton Maud Collins 24th November 1582
Thomas Hides of Ruddington Elizabeth Rowe of Br. 26th November 1582
Francis Smyth Anne Jackson 27th January 1583
Henry Toulington of Shepesheade co. Leicester Ann Clifford Of Diseworth co. Leicester ord lic at Bony 19th April 1584
Clement Jherome of Diseworth Elizabeth Fillingham of Br. 11th October 1584
Robert Wright Margaret Caunte 6th June 1585
Robert Garton of Willoughby Elizabeth Whalley of Br. 24th October 1585
Edward Martin of Keyworth Anne Wright of Br . on Sainct 1585
Richard Browne Margaret Smyth 29th June 1586
Richard Ireland Joan Standley of Breddesall in Darbishire ord lic at Boney 1st November 1586
John Browne Katherine Ladde of Br. 8th November 1586
William Brawson of Willoughy Mary Wallis 18th February 1587
Adam Tompson of Arnall Isabel Pepper at Arnall by Lic from the vicar at Boney 6th May 1587
Thomas Pepper Isabel Hornbuckle 26th August 1587
William Ashmore of Ruddington Isabel Henstock of B. married at Gamston by the vic lic 27th October 1587
George Randall of Plumtree Agnes Barker of Br. married at Plumptree aforesaid by vic lic 10th January 1588
Robert Pooe of Gedling Alice Nelson 29th January 1588
Gabriel Randall Katherine Alin 8th July 1588
Edmund Blodworth of Bingham Elizabeth Starbuckle "of Bresson Within the sucken (?soke) of Sawley married by lic from thence" 15th July 1588
William Hopwell of Cropwell Butler Annes Petting of Br. 21st October 1588
Robert Dawson Ann Abbott of Br. 25th November 1588
Robert Lovatt Ann Smyth 13th January 1589
William Rowe of Normanton pl plumtree Alice Dawson of Br. 4th February 1589
Edward Caunte of Clawson Katherin Phillingham of Br. 21st April 1589
John Ladd of Br. Katherin Barker of Br. 24th May 1589
William Baker of Hickling Alice Canterell of Br. 31st May 1589
William Bingham p. St Nicholas Nottm Annes Atkinson of Br. 27th Augustust 1589
Thomas Henson of Plumtree Katherin Rowe of Br. 8th September 1589
Robert Abbot Dorothy Walley of Br. 5th October 1589
Oliver Martin Ann Barton 22nd October 1589
Peter Beeston of Langar Joan Wright 9th November 1589
William Wolley Margaret Tyler 2nd May 1590
Thomas North of Widmerpool Ann Huchinson 5th May 1590
John Johnson of Cropwell Butler Annes Wheatley 1st August 1590
John Smalley of Tooton (Toton) Elizabeth Hornbuckle 19th October 1590
Thomas Peting, junr Elizabeth Collins of Br 1st December 1590
William Jarvis of Willoughby Isabel Longley of Br. 17th January 1592
John Knight Judith Eliot 28th October (?November) 1592
George Chamberlaine of Ruddington Ann Wright of Br. ord lic 27th February 1592
William Bosworth of Stanton Elizabeth Richards of Br. on Michaelmass daie 1593
John Pendock of Tollarston (Tollerton) gent. Frances Parkins, gentlewoman 29th September 1594
Izachie Pight Elizabeth Burton 9th October 1594
Jarvis Butler Alice Wright 10th November 1594
Richard Jackson of Diseworth Isabel Lovatt of Br. 24th November 1594
Robert While (or White) of Willoughby Alice Lovatt of Br. 24th November 1594
William Ramford Alice Herdson 19th January 1594
Hercules Arie p. St Mary Leicester Amy Woode 10th February 1594
Ralph Stevenson Mary Walker ord lic 3rd March
George Tompson of Gotham Ciceley Ivatt of Br. 5th May 1595
William Sarson Emmott Sherwinne 17th January 1596
William Phillingham of Ruddington Alice Morris lic 27th July 1596
Jarvis Hardall of Ruddington Margery Abbott of Br. 28th November 1596
Richard Guye of Claxton Margaret Phillingham of Br 5th January 1597
Hugh Guye of Claxton Ann Phillingham of Br. 5th January 1597
Thomas Shewell of Keyworth Ellen Ivatt of Br. married at Kinoulton 1st May 1597
Henry Plumtree p. St Mary Nottm. gent. Mris Ann Parkins 25th August 1597
Edward Martin Isabel Stevenson 10th October 1597
John Lovatt Agnes Gadesbie of Br. 10th November 1597
Edmund Wright Alice Willmott of Br ord lic 14th November 1597
William Laddson Katherine Bolsworth 24th November 1597
Robert Mason Margaret Wilkinson of Br. 7th November 1598
Thomas Bolsworth Ann Belsinne of Br. 13th November 1598
Francis Dewes of Wilford Elizabeth Ladd of Br 30th April 1599
Robert Ragge of Diseworth Alice Creswell of Br. 5th May 1599
William Abbot Jane Barker of Br. 27th January 1599
William Stevenson Elizabeth Parre  
Richard Pine of Cropwell Bishop Frances (?) 5th November 1599

"The minister and churchwardens names according to ye acte commanded by ye Canon, viz ; Rich. Towle (minister) Edward Saxson, Wm Stevenson"

Down to this date the register is a transcript of an earlier book made in accordance with the order of 1597.

This page contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0 (see http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/doc/open-government-licence/version/3/ for further information).

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