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The following is a list of people married in St. Mary's Church, Bunny between 1600 and 1649.

Groom Bride Date and Comments
Thomas Phipps Margery Lovatt of Br. 26th April 1600
Richard Shipman of Clipston p. of Plumtree Elizabeth Sarson 9th June 1600
William Bate of Great Leake Prudence (Clayer) of B. married at Leake by the vicar of Bunny's Lic. 9th June 1600
Edmund Wright of Br. Jaies (?Joyce) Morrice 30th September 1600
William Machin Agnes Ladd of Br. ord lic 29th November 1600
William Baldocke Dorothy Claiton 26th January 1600
Lawrence Hooton of B. Margaret Perkins of Thrumpton 24th November 1601
William Burton of Plumtree Isabel Bonde of Br. 26th January 1601
Thomas Crepell Ann Longley 15th April 1602
Godfrey Poole, gent. of Hendge p. Duffield Elizabeth Parkins Gentlewoman 1st June 1602
Thomas Gibbons p. Greetham Alice Smythe 22nd May 1603
William Hande . Greetham Isabel Smythe 26th September 1603
Thomas Pight of Edwalton Mary Dafte 23rd January 1603
Robert Thornton Ann Plowright of Br. 2nd February 1603
Richard Bramley of Great Leake Ann (Bo) ate of Br. 1st October 1604
Edmund Greene p. Thrumpton Joan Bond of Br. ord lic 18th October 1604
Hugh Foster Elizabeth Marshall ord lic 9th December 1604
(Bottom of page signed by Rich. Towle, minister; Lawrence Sarson, George Sherwine, churchwardens)
(?)bert Mackrell Joan Speede 4th May 1605
Simon Lynsdale p. Keyworth Joan Ladd of Br. 6th July 1605
Henry Walker Elizabeth Baldock 28th October 1605
Thomas Cooper of Willoughby Margery Stevenson of this parish 25th November 1605
Thomas Mackrell Ann Smyth 25th November 1605
Thomas Sherwin of Gamston p. W. Bridgford Ellen Allen 19th January 1605
Richard Scott Isabel Saxson 27th January 1605
Richard Bradshawe Alice Holmes 10th February 1605
John Wright Ann Sutton ord lic 8th February 1606
Robert Bayler of Gedling Joan Walder ord lic 10th August (1606 or 1607?)
Peter Longley of Br. Ann Smyth 13th October 1607
Henry Peart Elizabeth Hall 26th November 1607
George Carver p. Shepshead co. Leic. Catherine Dawson of Br. 2nd May 1609
Martin Lacer alias Lacie of Wimeswold, co Leic. Margery Wright of Br. 20th June 1609
Nicholas Howlett of Wysall Jane Martin 18th September 1609
William Corbit of Trowell Katherine Bonde of p. Bunny 6th November 1609
Luke Mattersay Dorothy Mar (ce) 16th November 1609
Bottom of page signed by Rich. Towle, minister, George Sherwin , John Houghton, wardens
Hugh Radford Elizabeth Mores 20th August 1610
James Lane Joan Trowell 26th November 1610
Richard Daft Ann Mackrill w. 8th July 1611
George Sherwine Mary Harvey 1st September 1611
John Lane Jane Johnson of Br. 1st October 1611
Matthew English Margery Selbey of Br. 3rd February 1611
Edward Symepill Elizabeth Wright of Br. 12th May 1612
Thomas Angrave of Grt. Leake Ellen Rowe of Br. 15th June 1612
Robert Martin Isabel Elliott of Br. 14th September 1612
John Butler Joan Huchinson of Br. 6th October 1612
John Keat Mary Randall of Br. 12th October 1612
John Millet Isabel Burton of Br. 23rd November 1612
Hugh Till Alice Rowan 25th November 1613
William Brount of Br. Agnes Trowell 5th December 1613
John Breint Jane Roberts 24th July 1614
Henry Burton of Monsorrell p. Roathley Elizabeth Simpkin 19th June 1615
Harold Mapples Mary Ward of Br. 28th November 1615
Edward Tompson of Wimeswould Alice Bond of Br. 1st July 1616
Henry Dudley Agnes Hooton 21st September 1616
Bottom of page signed by Richard Towle, vicar, Richard Radely, Ed. Wheatley churchwardens.
Robert Thurbarm of Melton Mowbray Elizabeth Nixon of Br. 23rd September 1616
William Marshall Margaret Spadman of Br. 25th February 1616
Geoffrey Mattershay Mary Townsend 17th March 1616
Mark Battersbie Elizabeth Martin 18th January 1618
John Brawnson of Cortlingstock Elizabeth Stevenson of B Married at Cortlingstock by the vicar's certificate 18th January 1618
Edward Creswell Jaies (Joyce) Dickinson of Br 17th October 1618
Robert Cartwright Alice Sherwin by ord lic at Bulwell 19th January 1619
William Smyth parson of Keyworth Alice Nixon of Br. By ord lic at Keyworth 10th February 1619
John Kirke of Glapton Margaret Bradshaw 30th June 1619
John Hubbert Alice Hubbert of Br. ord lic 3rd July 1619
Richard Spencer Joan Wright of Br. married by ord lic at Radcliffe- upon-Trent 12th September 1619
Edward Ward Isabell Hartons 7th November 1619
Gervase Golding Jane Bond of Br. 16th November 1619
Richard Treese Elizabeth Maunsfield of Br. 18th November 1619
William Parker of B. Jane Johnson of Br. 17th July 1620
George Braunson Joan Litster w. 1st October 1620
Thomas Pight of Little Cropwell p. Tythby Joan Parnham of Keyworth 23 October 1620
William Martindale of Scarrington Imming Browne 27th November 1620
William White of Ruddington Jane Bolsover of Br. 6th February 1621
George Bate Ann Dickinson of Br. 28th May 1621
Richard Sewall of Keyworth Edith Nixon, of Br. married at Keyworth by ord lic 23rd June 1621
( ? ) Hartley of B. Isabel Ballard of Barton-in-Fabis p. Clifton 30th September 1621
Robert Dickinson Jane Pight of Br. 3rd October 1622
Nicholas Chamberlaine Elizabeth Stevenson of B. married at Nottingham by ord lic 9th February 1623
William Raintford Margaret More 22nd April 1623
Hugh Radford Margaret Herdson 9th June 1623
William Boardman of Trowell Katherine Lane of Br. 11th July 1624
Hugh Barnard Elizabeth Chamberlaine ord lic 15th November 1624
Gervase Dickinson Ann Creeple 30 January 1625
Richard Creple Alice Spenser 2nd February 1625
George Sillis Mary Mappels of Br. 17th October 1625
Charles Cooke Mary Mansfield 15th November 1625
Francis Winfield p, St Mary, Nottm Ursula Smyth ord lic 5th October 1626
Richard Greive of Hucknall Torkard Alice S(ar)son of Br. 14th January 1627
William Goodall of Bellgrave co. Leicester Snoden Ruslatt By Archbishops lic. 25th January 1627
George Johnson of Keyworth Margaret Raintford 25th April 1627
Richard Butler Mary Wright 4th June 1627
William Hopwell Alice Hubbert of Br. 13th November 1628
Robert Hogge Agnes Pike 17th November 1628
Aden Twinburies Alic Tan(vie) by Archibishops lic 7th May 1629
Francis Wilde p, Plumtree Ann Mercer of Br. 15th June 1629
JoHn Lovatt Elinor Tugman of Br. 20th August 1629
Francies P(ugh)son Susanna Longley of Br. 4th September 1629
George Browne Margaret Walker 24th January 1630
Thomas Stevenson Margery Wallis of B. Married at Wisall by lic 11th May 1630
Richard Browne Mary Stevenson 5th August 1630
George Kempe Mary Hartstaffe 22nd August 1630
Richard Sarson Ann Garner of Br. ord lic 4th February 1631
Thomas Cragge Elizabeth Butler 14th November 1631
Edward (?) of Bingham Mary Hornbuckle of B. 24th November 1631
Richard Waine of Keyworth Mary (B)rewster of Br. 29th May 1632
Robert Johnson of Br. Ann Blood of Keyworth 9th May 1633
Edward Lovatt of Leake Magna Alice Criple of B. by Bishops Lic 14th November 1633
Oliver Martin Elizabeth Pight of Br. 16th June 1634
John Browne of Leake Parva Mary Scachley w. ord lic 29th July 1634
Richard Briersley Elizabeth Howytt 15th November 1634
Hugh Radford Alice Butler 17th November 1634
Lawrence Hooton Ann Sarson of Br. 7th July 1635
Thomas Dickinson Francis Longley 10th November 1635
Martin Lacie Isabel Kempe 19th November 1635
William Wallis Elizabeth Mylford of Br. 13th December 1635
William Hubbard of Hoby c. Leicester Mary Bate 25th December 1636
Bottom of page signed by Sam Lighfoot Vicar, Robert Hall George Tampe churchwardens
George Johnson Jane Hollis 7th August 1637
John Lane of Br. Winifred Archer of Cotgrave 18th November 1637
William Parker of Br. Alice Rhodely 28th January 1638
Anthony Sheepheard of Wilford Isabell Fielding of Br. 29th April 1639
Henry Barston of Edwalton Alice Wright of Br. 17th June 1639
Henry Ball of Clifton Isabell Wayne 11th July 1639
Oliver Shuttlewood of Keyworth Elizabeth Handley of Wartnabee co. Leicester 27th November 1639
Robert Johnson Jane Bond both of Br. 30th November 1639
Robert Stubbs of St. Nicholas, Sutton Bonnington Isabell Chamberlaine 18th April 1640
Robert Billidge of Carcoulston Anne Howet 21st July 1640
Robert Eldershaw of Normanton, Plumptree Mary Robinson 4th May 1641
Thomas Draper of Diseworth co. Leicester Ellen Ward of Br. 25th May 1641
Mr Samuel Lightfoote Mris Martha Huett married at Widmerpool 23th November 1641
William Beck Jane Topley both of Br. 24th January 1642
Harold Sheepheard of Cotgrave Mary Treece of Keyworth in this parish 9th June 1642
John Oxford Anne Millett , both of Br. 29th June 1642
William Hooton Isabell Rhodely, both of Br. 14th November 1642
William Wells Elizabeth Turner 10th September 1643
Colonell Francis Morgan of (?) Mris. Anne Warin of Wilford Married by Parson Hill of Kilvington 11th October 1647
John Benett Alice Cowe of Br. 27th November 1648

This page contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0 (see http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/doc/open-government-licence/version/3/ for further information).

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