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The following is a list of people married in St. Mary's Church, Bunny between 1650 and 1699.

Groom Bride Date and Comments
Richard Ray cler. A.M. & Margaret Brinsley one of the daughters of John Brinsley gent. married by Timothy Barnes 3rd June 1651
Hugh Radford Elizabeth Goodall 28th October 1651
John Bird of Gedling Mary Waplington 2nd May 1653
Robert Trowma (n) Anne Sheapheard 25th July 1655
Richard Taylour of Burton co. Leicester Mary Burrowes 26th July 1655
John Walker Mary Butler 3rd July 1656
Robert Mapples of Br Jean Chambers 28th October 1656
William Brunt of B. Francis Moore of Wilford 3rd November 1656
Thomas Brown Anne June both of Br. 8th November 1656
Richard Roadly Elizabeth Cow 11th April 1657
William Hornbuckle of B. Alice Chamberlain of Br. 14th April 1657
Ralph Pim of Codlinstock Alice Butler 29th June 1657
William Hipwell of Br. Elizabeth Radford of B. 25th May 1658
Roger Hoomes of Br. Isabell Cow 16th November 1658
John Ward of B. Ann Burrowes of Ruddington 5th February 1658
John Benet Mary Ward both of Br. 30th April 1661
Thomas Golldin Jane Cragg of Br. 12th August 1662
Thomas Gee Frances Beck both of Br. ? July 1663
Robert Yearwood Alice Looton both of Br. 28th July 1663
John Tomlinn Jane Cressell both of Br. 9th November 1663
Richard Street Jane Barrow, both of Br. 16th February 1663
Robert Cotter of Hemington Ursily Simkin of Cropwell Bishop 28th January 1664
Richard Hinson Anne Stone, both of Br. 5th May 1664
John Cripple Alice Sleight 16th May 1664
Richard Archer of Br. Mary Davyes of Elveston 22nd September 1664
Gervas Butler Mary Dickinson 4th May 1665
Thomas Goulding Susanna Butler both of Br. 6th June 1665
Richard Archer Diana Cowe both of Br. 28th November 1665
Robert Yearwood Isabell Streete both of Br. 14th September 1669
William Peacock Ann Walker both of Hucknall Tawkard 7th November 1670
Robert Redferne Elizabeth Walker both of Br. 28th November 1670
John Millington Isabel Pugson both of Br. 5th May 1672
Richard Doughty Mary Sumerfield 9th May 1672
Gervas Forehand of Stableford Ann Bush of Br. 22nd June 1672
George Pugson of Br. Mary Beardsely w. of Lenton 1st April 1673
John Hooton of Br Elizabeth Hunt 3rd May 1673
Patricks Kempe of Wysall Susana Trowell of Ratcliffe 8th May 1673
Richard Wreake of Br. Issabell Kempe of Wysall 27th May 1673
John Raworth Elizabeth Greene both of Keyworth 25th November 1673
Christopher Barston Elizabeth Nixon of Br. 6th February 1675
William Crosse of Willoughby Ann Doughty 2nd May 1677
Edward Whatcham Jane Locton both of Br. 25th November 1677
Richard White Jane Bush both of Br. 5th May 1678
Richard Marshall of Br. Sarah Barnet of Keyworth 24th November 1678
Peter Hunt Elizabeth Mee of Br. 30th November 1678
George Smith of B. Amye Smith of Sallow, alias Sawley co. Derby 27th January 1680
Gervas Butler of B. Anne Lord of Wysall 3rd May 1680
John Ward of Ruddington Jane Yarwood of Br. 17th May 1680
William Stubs Anne Lane both of Br. 13th July 1680
John Slee Abigail Lees both of BR. 1st August 1680
William Attawell Elizabeth Varnham both of Br. 28th September 1680
Thomas Browne Jane Wallis of Br. 2nd October 1680
William Black Anne Johnson 21st November 1680
Charles Cockram gent of Bishops Norton ,co Linc. Hannah Butler 18th April 1681
Edward Watcham Elizabeth Smith both of Br. 4th August 1681
William Henson Dorathy Rhoadly 15th November 1681
Thomas Eldershaw Margaret Cross w. 23rd January 1682
Peter Hemsley of Gotham Mary Vale of Br. 29th June 1682
John Bredern junr Dorothy Lee both of Br. 17th October 1682
William Marshall of Br. Anne Watkyn of Nether Broughton 14th April ?1683
John Walker Katherin Trueman of Br. 23rd April 1683
John Powdrell of Nottm Sarah Anderson 20th December 1683
Thomas Gee of Br. Margaret Marshall of Outhrop 8th April 1684
John Walker Elizabeth Brendern both of Br. 28th April 1684
Richard Bush Mary Flower both of Br. 17th June 1684
Mr Edmund Theobald of Lenton Elizabeth Clay 20th April 1685
William Lane of West Bridgford Elizabeth Tompson of Br. 14th January 1685
Richard Cripple junr. Jane Williamat junr 20th January 1685
James Lane of Ruddington Eilzabeth Wild of Br. 5th May 1686
John Needham Katherine English 16th November 1686
George Hall of Keyworth Anne Varnham of Br  
John Dickinson Sarah Marshal w. of Br. 6th May 1687
William Marshall Anne Walker of Br. 7th May 1687
William Hunt Margaret Stone both of Gotham 10th October 1687
Francis Cragg Jane Adbrooks 30th October 1687
William Nixon Jane Roadly 7th November 1687
John Mee Susanna Golding both of Br, 12th June 1688
William Mee Katherine Marshall both of Br. 30th November 1688
Robert Glover Mary Tompson both of Br. 13th January 1689
William Bartram Elizabeth Brunt 26th May 1689
Simon Leeson of Nether Broughton co. Leicester Elizabeth Bird 18th November 1689
Edward Watchorne Mary Aumbry both of Br. 28th April 1690
William Tomson Ann Morris by Archbishop's lic. 17th August 1690
William Raggsdale Mary Hornbuckle 28th November 1691
Samuel Townson or Townroe Elizabeth Carr 7th February 1691
Joseph Chamberlain Elizabeth Blood, both of Br. 11th February 1692
John Wawn of Chilwell p. Attenborough Mary Clock 28th October 1693
Thomas Lewin of Gotham Katherine Twinbury 11th July 1695
Richard Mee Mary Redfan 20th July 1695
George Hornbuckle Mary Barson 13th December 1695
William Masser Mary Twinbury 20th April 1696
Joseph Taylor Elizabeth Townrow 23rd July 1696
Thomas Linaker Elizabeth Goodwyn 27th July 1697
Richard Hutton p. of Hough co. linc. Mary Yerwood of Br. 16th November 1697
Henry Shepherd Elizabeth Chambers 23rd November 1697
Thomas Dubbleday of Stathern co. Leic Katherine Eldershaw of Br. married at Snenton 14th July 1698
William Briggs of Edwalton Elizabeth Wynthorp of Br. 27th April 1699
John Raworth Alice Hainsworth both of Keyworth 29th April 1699
John Hazard of Wilford Mary Hooton of Br 29th July 1699

This page contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0 (see http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/doc/open-government-licence/version/3/ for further information).

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