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The following is a list of people married in St. Mary's Church, Bunny between 1700 and 1749.

Groom Bride Date and Comments
Jonathan Kettlebran of Tollerton Sarah Morrice of Br. 16th April 1700
William Priestly of Widmerpole Mary Hutton of Br. 25th April 1700
Hastings Marriot Sarah Abbot of Br. 27th September 1700
Francis Archer Dorothy Attiwell of Br. ? 1700
Gregory Julian Phoebe Brooks 17th June 1701
William Flower Mary Speck 24th June 1701
John Goulding Mary Paget both of Gotham 16th September 1701
Richard Coe Mary Duke 13th November 1701
Francis Shiers Dorothy Lee both of St. Maries, Nottm 13th January 1701
Gervase Keightley of Tollerton Jane Barker of Br. 25th April 1702
John Shipman of Plumtree Mary Brooks of Br. 15th November 1702
Thomas Clayton Jane Beverley 4th July 1703
Richard Wait pauper Dorothy Bingham of Br. 24th October 1703
Richard Wilkinson Elizabeth Barlow both of Ruddington 3rd July 1704
Edward Brookes Mary Pilkington 4th July 1705
Dowland Bestow Mary Bestow both of Woollation 12th October 1704
John Noton of B Anne Hollis of Tollerton 5th February 1706
Thomas Champion Alice Marshall 13th January 1707
William Gee Ann Smith 1st May 1708
Edward Plowright Katherine Peat 28th October 1708
John Shipman Ann Fox 16th November 1708
John Smith of B. Elizabeth Alsop of Br. lic. 25th March 1709
Ston Staton Elizabeth Smith 23rd May 1709
Samuel Hornbuckle of West Bridgford Elizabeth Hoyle lic. 11th January 1709
Francis Archer Dorothy Wait of Br. 5th November 1709
John Bennet Mary Hornbuckle 21st November 1709
Tichard Henson Sarah Mabbott 19th November 1710
John Smith Mary Hoyle 13th January 1710
William Keightly Susanna Chamberlain of Br. 4th November 1711
Thomas Bennet Dorothy Dent of Br. 27th November 1711
William Attwell of Br. Alice Pollard lic 27th November 1711
Richard Bannister of Ashby de la Zouch Ann Wainwright lic 28th March 1712
Samuel Wrigley of Stanton by Dale, Derby. Mary Wallis 15th June 1712
John Clarke of East Leake Diana Fernihough lic. 21st September 1712
William Glover of Grimstone Elizabeth Woollatt 4th October 1712
John Page of St. Nicholas Nottm Mary Redfern 2nd November 1712
George Leeson of Ruddington Dorothy Archer of Br. 22nd November 1712
Richard Ibberson Elizabeth Henson both of St. Peters Nottm lic. at Thorpe in Glebe 22nd Nov 1713
Thomas Boot of St. Peter's Nottingham Elizabeth Hazzard of St. Mary, Nottingham lic. married at Flawforth 16th January 1713
Thomas Robinson Elizabeth Wildbore 12th November 1715
Henry Smith Mary Stubbs of Br. 12th April 1724
John Attiwell of Plumtree Sarah Lane of Br. 30th March 1725
Joseph Street of Ruddington Elizabeth Carver of B. 20th April 1725
Giles Walker Dorothy Henson of Br. 23rd April 1726
Edward Carver Elizabeth Smith 19th September 1726
Edward Scarcely Elizabeth Thornton 4th February 1727
Jonathan Boot Sarah Placket of Ratcliff upon Soar 20th May 1727
Thomas Henson Ann Marrot 21st January 1727
Sir Thomas Parkyns, Bart. Madam Jane Barnet of York 7th February 1727
Thomas Flower Hannah Baily both of Br. 13th November 1728
Ralph Lomas of Little Leak Alice Gee of Br, 17th December 1728
Joseph Lacey of Shardly (Shardlow) Ann Turner 23rd February 1728
Joseph Marrat of Willoughby Elizabeth Milner of Br. 22nd April 1729
Samuel Howet Elizabeth Forge both of Br. 26th May 1729
Francis Johnson of Kegworth Elizabeth Attewel of Br. 26th May 1729
Henry Marrot Jane Hickling both of Br. 21st September 1730
Daniel Parrat Elizabeth Butler 8th December 1730
William Attewell Elizabeth Staton 28th April 1731
William Charity Hannah Flower 15th August 1731
Robert Bertram Mary Sands 11th November 1731
Joshua Withers of Ratcliff upon Soar Mary Davey of Wilford 26th April 1732
George Hemsley of Br. Ann Butler 24th May 1732
John Breerly Mary Milner both of Br. 12th June 1732
John Winfield Ann Hooton of Br 29th April 1733
Henry Church of Keyworth Elizabeth Burton of Br. 6th November 1733
John Wildbore Alice Smith (no place mentioned ) 5th May 1733
George Spurr Jane Clayton (no place mentioned) 12th May 1733
Samuel Brown Ann Marrot of Br. 20th September 1733
Mr Richard Farrar of Harborow Madam Harriot Parkyns 28th June 1734
Benjamin Pilkington Martha Stocks 26th September 1734
Samuel Howet of Br. Ann Hutchcroft of Lodge on the Wolds ? February 1734
John Henson Dorothy Shepherd 30th December 1735
Robert Attenborow Elizabeth Harvey 28th February 1735
{from this date on, no places are mentioned except when specially stated and no distinction is made between the inhabitants of Bunny and Bradmore}
Thomas Lincar Mary Asher 28th September 1736
Thomas Stevison of Br. Rachel Hardy of Nottingham 20th January 1736
Joseph Buxton Mary Priestly both of Bradmore 15th February 1736
John Haukins Mary Marrat 21 September 1737
Silas Cross Mary Gee 3rd October 1737
Joseph Buxton Katherine Savage 7th November 1737
John Priestly Elizabeth Stevison 30th January 1738
Hugh Alsop Mary Boly both of Br. 3rd July 1738
John Towers Ann Winfield 26th December 1738
John Bladderwig of Beeston Mary Staton of B. 24th July 1739
George Hallom of Great Leak Mary Henson 2nd October 1739
Joseph Dexter Ann Walker 13th November 1739
John Stevison Mary Richard 13th November 1739
George Winter Mary Henson 18th December 1739
Henry Dean of Plumtree Mary Clayton of Br. 16th November 1740
Jonathan Bucknal Rebecca Shepherdson 30th November 1740
John Bosworth Dorothy Turpin 26th December 1740
James Bywater Ann Clark 11th January 1741
John Giles Mary Smith 2nd March 1741
Thomas Wilson Sleet Abigal Harvy 3rd August 1741
Mathew Taylor Elizabeth Siverns 10th August 1741
Thomas Lane Katherine Hooton 29th December 1741
William Smith Abigal Shephardson 20th April 1742
Richard Davis Mary Nuttal 26th May 1743
William Mansfield Sarah Burgain 30th October 1743
John Ward Ann Awsop 6th February 1743
Joseph Priestly Mary Wilson 4th May 1745
Mr George Richardson Mary Kay 10th December 1745
John Lovat Rebecca Tomson 12th January 1746
Daniel Smith Elizabeth Carver 9th June 1746
William Pawmer Elizabeth Street 29th September 1746
Joshua Withers of Ratcliff upon Soar Elizabeth Roper of Kegworth 4th November 1746
William Bexon Elizabeth Bennet 18th January 1747
Richard Knifton Alice Dikeson 20th April 1747
James Hudson Elizabeth Shephardson 6th October 1747
Martin Newbery Mary Buckland 14th November 1747
John Reader Jane Sandby 23rd November 1747
Mr Humphrey Wainwright Mrs Christian Farrow 1st December 1747
William Lee Mary Street 13th April 1748
Thomas Wilson Sleight Elizabeth Buckland 18th April 1748
John Austin Sarah Peet 31st March 1749
Thomas Palmer Fortune Kirk 9th May 1749
John Nap Sarah Fewkes 10th September 1749
George Buttery Mary Huckaby 20th November 1749
Matthew Hawksworth Rebecca Shaw 5th January 1749
Benjamin Price Mary Allen 24th February 1749

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