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The following is a list of people married in St. Mary's Church, Bunny between 1750 and 1799.

Groom Bride Date and Comments
William Linacre Mary Holmes 14th November 1751
Mr Thomas Bingham Mrs Sarah Newham 10th March 1751
Thomas Harriman Elizabeth Vose 8th July 1752
Edward James Ellen Sherrard 7th November 1752
William Morris Elizabeth Roobotham 19th February 1754
John James Sarah Tayler 4th April 1754
Philip Glover Ann Nixon 7th November 1754
William Howard Mary Glover 22nd July 1755
Robert Hawley Elizabeth Woodroff 21st November 1755
William Goodacre Elizabeth Walker 17th November 1755
William Wooton Elizabeth Stevison 6th January 1756
Joseph Woolly of Clifton Ann Smith of Bradmore 24th February 1756
William Taylor of Birmingham Ann Buckland lic 2nd March 1756
John Mee of Normanton on Soar Ann Street of Br. 1st April 1756
Thomas Henson Ann Hart 25th November 1756
William Mortashow Katherine Winfield 17th June 1757
Thomas Wight Rebecca Hall 29th September 1757
Thomas Hardy of Costock Ann Placket of Ratcliff 24th October 1757
Richard Attenborow Martha Street 27th December 1757
George Walker Mary Spencer 11th January 1758
Thomas Kirk Elizabeth Huggleston 18th September 1758
Thomas Sargent Hannah Mee lic 30th December 1758
John Mitchell Dorothy Walker 11th January 1759
John Butteress Elizabeth Walker 18th March 1759
James Selby Ann Sears 22nd March 1759
Thomas Peet Elizabeth Nixon lic 24th April 1759
William Street of Ruddington Mary Savage of Br. 24th April 1759
John Williams Ann Spur 28th June 1759
William Nixon Sarah Gee 10th July 1759
Henry Henson Sarah Marshall 26th November 1759
John Hawkyns Ann Holvey ? 1760
William Cotterel Mary Linacre 14th May 1760
Joseph Hitherly Sarah Carver 20th October 1760
Thomas Pass Ann Harrison lic 24th January 1761
John Brown Ann Pilkington 23rd March 1761
Joseph Priestly Jane Wilkison 12th January 1762
Benjamin Chamberlain Mary Cramp 23rd February 1762
Samuel Howard Mary Knight 10th May 1762
Robert Rubotham of B Alice Henson of Br. 16th November 1762
William Whitby of Wymeswold Elizabeth Dennis of Br. 1st February 1763
Thomas Redfern Dosy (Theodosia) Large both of Br. 3rd February 1763
Samuel Linacre Elizabeth Attenborow lic 22nd July 1763
William Spencer Mary Bowly 27th September 1763
Oliver Shipstone Hannah Sanders 12th October 1763
John Belton Elizabeth Marrot both of Br. 8th November 1763
Valentine Savage Isabel Hoile 14th November 1763
Joseph James Elizabeth Smith 15th December 1763
William Dolby Rebecca Walker 10th January 1764
John Harwood Mary Walker lic 21st June 1764
Thomas Towers Elizabeth Selby lic 26th November 1764
Edward Topley of Ruddington Elizabeth Shipman 3rd December 1764
John Goddard, son of John Goddard of Br. Mary Brewster Of Ruddinton 1st January 1765
Sir Thomas Parkyns Sarah Smith lic 30th April 1765
George Spurr Susannah Green 25th November 1765
Wm Wilson of Ruddington Hannah Street 2nd December 1765
John Dutton of Thrumpton Ann Wilson 3rd December 1765
James Henson Mary Beastall lic 20th May 1766
Thomas Bosworth Mary Cumberland 26th May 1766
John Pike of Keyworth Mary Attenborough 2nd October 1766
Thomas Gunn of Ruddington Ann Lane 14th October 1766
Anthony Bennet p. of St. Mary's Nottm Ann Roobotham 30th December 1766
Samuel Botham Elizabeth Smith lic 15th May 1767
John Buxton Ann Wittington 26th May 1767
Edward Vose Mary Wylde lic 4th June 1767
William Wooton Hannah Cumberland 11th August 1767
Henry Marriot Mary Sylvester 2nd October 1767
John Wingfield Elizabeth Hardy 24th December 1767
Joseph Pepper Hannah Vose lic 27th February 1768
Thomas Davey Ann Stevenson 9th May 1768
John Ballard of Attenborough Sarah Marriot lic 13th June 1768
William Langham of Normanton on Soar Elizabeth Bramley 4th July 1768
Robert Smith Mary Bennet 30th August 1768
John Price Martha Smith lic 3rd October 1768
William Tonge Elizabeth Priestly 31st December 1768
William Powdrill of Gotham Sarah Wilson 10th January 1769
John Dalby Catherine Lane 11th April 1769
John Lane p. B Jane Camm of Wartenby Leicester lic 23rd April 1769
William Millns Jane Spurr 16th May 1769
Thomas Trig Mary Bagualey 3rd October 1769
Thomas Henson Elizabeth Wright 5th December 1769
William Piggot Martha Stubbs 5th December 1769
John Richards of Keyworth Mary Spurr lic 10th February 1770
John Williams Mary Trigge lic 8th June 1770
John Selby Ann Cross 2nd October 1770
John Attenborrow Hannah Clayton both of Ruddington lic 9th December 1770
William Dalby Mary Smith lic 26th December 1770
James Haymes Elizabeth Dalby 20th April 1771
Thomas Hallam of Holton Leic. Sarah Hoyles lic 25th April 1771
George Goodwin Ann Taylor 20th June 1771
Edwad Chadwick of Ruddington Ann Webster lic 21st July 1771
Matthew Wildbore Elizabeth Latham 10th September 1771
Thomas Roberts of St Margaret's Leic Hannah Murden of Br. lic 13th November 1771
William Oliver Elizabeth Vose 26th December 1771
William Meads Mary Henson 25th February 1772
William Parker Elizabeth Needham 8th June 1772
Richard Henson Elizabeth Sheppard 9th June 1772
Daniel Smith Mary Latham 19th October 1772
William Pollard Mary Hoyles 29th October 1772
James Collington Ann James 3rd November 1772
Edward Hicks of Lenton Sarah Hearson of Ruddington 23 November 1772
Joseph James of Clifton Rebecca Wight 29th December 1772
Joseph Cook of Pinkston Derb Catherine Buxton lic 1st June 1773
William Smith Ann Glover 27th September 1773
Thomas Gunn Sarah Hardy lic 18th April 1774
William Belshaw of Keyworth Elizabeth Woodroffe 23rd May 1774
Clement Winstanly Esp of Branston in the Parish of Glenfield Leic. Jane Parkyns lic 11th May 1774
John Gunn Mary Bennet 12th May 1774
John Cade Jane Henson 18th May 1774
James Freer Sarah Dexter 30th May 1774
Timothy Horsley Elizabeth Sharp 29th November 1774
Samuel Botham Sarah Fidget lic 26th May 1775
Daniel Underwood Sarah Shepherd 12th June 1775
William Lane Hannah Dalby 20th June 1775
William Ball Mary Wooton 28th June 1775
John Peet Mary Normanton lic 22nd July 1775
John Henson Sarah Holmes 31 August 1775
William Piggot Elizabeth Henson 2nd October 1775
Edward Gotherd of Thrumpton Elizabeth Cross 23rd November 1775
John Wildbore Mary Henson 12th December 1775
John Stubbs Sarah Ballard 19th December 1775
William Pearson of Lenton Mary Priestly 20th February 1776
Thomas Pike Elizabeth Davey 10th June 1776
John Hallam of Wysall Mary Burnham 17th October 1776
Thomas Dalby of B. Elizabeth Burrow of Ruddington lic 2nd January 1777
William Smith Hannah Pepper lic 4th January 1777
George Linaker Priscilla Hardstaff 11th February 1777
William Vincent Martha Wooley 20th May 1777
Jamas Bradwell of Sutton Bonnington Ann Savage 2nd June 1777
William Dalby Sarah Hallam lic 6th November 1777
William Dexter Alice Wildbore 20th January 1778
Thomas Bramley of Hoton Ann Wood 26th January 1778
William Daft Elizabeth Hall 3rd February 1778
Thomas Marriot Mary Rosin 9th July 1778
Thomas Buxton Mary Kew 29th July 1779
Joseph Haynes Catharine Richards 8th November 1779
Thomas Kiffin of Radford Sarah Morris 25th November 1779
Gervas Haywood Sarah Pearson 2nd December 1779
John Henson Elizabeth Walker 28th December 1779
William Henson Mary Gee lic 26th Sept 1780
Richard Brambley Hannah Doubleday 30th September 1780
William Brown of Wysall Elizabeth Hoyles 2nd October 1780
George Brooks of Stathern Leic Ann Bennet 22nd May 1781
William Mettam of St Mary's Nottm Mary Peet lic 19th February 1782
Thomas Flewit of Edwalton Sarah Peet 7th May 1782
Samuel Webster Mary Bexon 21st May 1782
Richard Flower Dorothy Bennet 27th June 1782
Thomas Sergeant of Ruddington Ann Glover of Br. lic 13th Nov 1782
John Marriot Elizabeth Stevenon 24th March 1783
Thomas Bennet Ann Buxton 22nd April 1783
Matthew Cumberland Ann Priestley 18th May 1783
William Bennet Elizabeth Dee 3rd November 1783
John Henson Sarah Henson 3rd November 1783
Samuel Giles of Newmarket Cambridge Rachel Dallman 5th February 1784
Edward Dean of Hathern Leic. Ann Drury lic 2nd April 1784
Thomas Goodacre Ann Savage lic 18th May 1784
Thomas Henson of B. Ann Pickard p. Ruddington lic 9th October 1784
John Henson Alice James 10th October 1784
Thomas Marriott Elizabeth Cumberland 30th November 1784
William Goodacre of Wymeswod Elizabeth Dalby 30th December 1784
William Barnes of Keyworth Ann Bennit 11th January 1785
Thomas Hallam Elizabeth Buttrey 20th January 1785
Thyas Hogget Mary Price 25th January 1785
William Dexter Mary Marshall 1st February 1785
William Tinsley of Twyford Leic Mary Cooper lic 7th April 1785
Richard Attenborough Mary Marshall lic 18th April 1785
William Pettifor of B. Ann Peet of Br. lic 5th May 1785
Samuel Farmer of Loughborough Leic Mary Buttry 27th June 1785
Thomas Hallam Mary James 4th July 1786
William Trigge of Rempstone Mary Smith of Br. 31st July 1786
William Marshall Mary Crafts 27th November 1786
John Harwood Ann Attenborough both of Br lic 31st May 1787
Job Berisford of St. Mary's Nottingham Elizabeth Henson 23rd July 1787
William Murden of Plumtree Ann Hoton 25th September 1787
John Smith Elizabeth Placket 15th October 1787
William Topley Ann Hawdkins both of Br. 27th November 1787
Matthew Cumberland Elizabeth Bennet both of Br. 31st January 1788
John Wilson of Ruddington Jane Belton 18th February 1788
Edward Wheatley of Br. Ann Smith 9th April 1788
Eward Youmans Ann Placket 19th May 1788
Thomas Bosworth Elizabeth Haims both of Br. 14th August 1788
James Pilkington of Burton Joyce Ann Dalby of Br. lic 10th November 1788
John Bosworth Sarah Sharp both of Br. 24th November 1788
John Maltby of Gotham Elizabeth Henson 29th December 1788
John Monks of Willoughby Ann Marshall 7th January 1789
William Wooton Sarah Henson 4th June 1789
William Hallam of Lenton Elizabeth Attewell of Br. 26th July 1789
William Davey of B. Ann Mee of Br. 26th November 1789
John Gunn of B. Ann Lane of Br. 22nd December 1790
John Harwood Mary Henson of Br. 7th December 1790
John Smith Mary Pigot both of Br. 2nd February 1791
Samuel Disney Jane Pigget 15th August 1791
William Pigot Ann Davy both of Br. 20th January 1793
Robert Whitaker Mary Winfield both of Br. 23rd November 1793
William Dalby Jane Marriott both of Br. 26th December 1793
John Young of Countersthorpe Leic Ann Savage of Br. lic 11th March 1794
Joseph Mee of Loughborough Leic Hannah Botham lic 2nd June 1794
John Fish of Lenton Ann Roobotham of Br. 8th July 1794
John Trees Mary Marriat both of Br. 3rd November 1794
Thomas Buxton Martha Howard both of Br. 24th November 1794
John Davis Sarah Carver both of Br. 24th November 1794
John Wooton Ann Freer 25th December 1794
Thomas Hayes of Ruddington Catherine Bennet of Br. 30th December 1794
Thomas Lockwood of St. Mary's Nottm Elizabeth Marshall lic 16th April 1795
Thomas Gee of Ruddington Ann Henson of Br. 24th November 1795
Joseph Hickling Mary Wotton 10th December 1795
John Wildbore Ann Fletcher 24th December 1795
Michael Gledstone Isabella Savage 28th December 1795
James Henson Sarah Barrat 8th February 1796
Joseph Attewell Mary Shepherd both of Keyworth 18th April 1796
Sir Thomas Parkyns Jane Boultbee lic 31st August 1796
Matthew Eyres of Benwick in the Isle of Ely, Cambridge Ann Lockton of Br. 29th November 1796
Thomas Smith Sarah Savidge 21st February 1797
Thomas Hickling of Wymeswold Leic Mary Oliver of Br. 28th February 1797
William Gunn of B. Mary Attenborough of Br. lic 23rd October 1797
John Harrison Elizabeth Horsley lic 23rd October 1797
Thomas Peet Ann Lane 20th November 1797
William Nixon Elizabeth Voce both of Br. lic 27th November 1797
John Stokes of Bingham Mary Smith of Br. 8th January 1798
George Page of Stanton in the Wolds Mary Voce of Br. lic 20th February 1798
John Wilkinson of Ruddington Ann Smith lic 20th November 1798
James Butterey of B. Hannah Hardy of Br. 26th November 1798
John Richards of Keyworth Mary Goodacre of Br. 27th November 1798
James Hames Sarah Price both of Br. 10th December 1798
John Whitaker of Br. Zillah Clover 24th December 1798
Richard Cole of Normanton Pumtree Sarah Parkyns lic 28th February 1799
William Wooton Ann Burrows 9th March 1799
William Sprigg of Market Harborough Lucy Boultbee lic 13th March 1799
James Wootton of B Ann Gee of Br. 9th April 1799
George Thompson of Thrumpton Rebecca Priestly of Br. 15th July 1799
Joseph Hutchinson Ann Bosworth both of Br. 13th August 1799
John Page of Stanton on the Wolds Jane Shepperson lic 18th November 1799
William Tidey Jane Bennet 24th December 1799

This page contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0 (see http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/doc/open-government-licence/version/3/ for further information).

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