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The following is a list of people married in St. Mary's Church, Bunny between 1800 and 1849.

Groom Bride Date and Comments
William Lane Mary Voce 16th January 1800
William Henson of Br. Sarah Gee p. Ruddington 11th March 1800
Thomas Widdowson of Normanton on Soar Sarah Smith of Br. 29th April 1800
William Trigg of Br. Mary Smith of Gotham 4th May 1800
Thomas Foster Mary Henson 27th May 1800
John Forth of Lockington Leic Jane Hickling of Br. lic 23rd July 1800
William Taylor Ann Howard both of Br. 25th December 1800
Thomas Cooper Angrave of East Leake Rebecca Walker of Br. 19th January 1801
William Holmes of Willoughby Mary Voce of Br. lic 3rd February 1801
William Oliver Elizabeth Davy both of Br. 25th May 1801
Henry Hallan of Wysall Ann Hardy of Br. 13th July 1801
Thomas Taylor of Br. Mary Henson of Ruddington 1st October 1801
Carn Wilson of Plumtree Mary Smith lic 10th November 1801
John Bosworth Rachel Davies both of Br. 30th November 1801
John Cant of Holme Pierpoint Elizabeth Howard lic 9th February 1802
Thomas Howard Elizabeth Hebb of Keyworth 2nd March 1802
William Harby w. of Normanton Plumtree Ann Gunn lic 8th June 1802
Thomas Horsley of Colwick Mary Stubbs of Br. lic 24th June 1802
Edward Clemens Sarah Iggleston both of Br. 22nd August 1802
Henry Hart Elizabeth Corbett 14th July 1802
John Stubbs Mary Dalby both of Br. lic 24th October 1802
Thomas Spencer Mary Winfield 29th November 1802
Iasaac Buttery Mary Hudson 9th May 1803
Richard Barrow esq of Manchester Miss Charlotte Parkyns lic 8th March 1803
William Henson Sarah Asher 12th June 1803
Jervas Smith of B. Elizabeth Henson of Normanton on Soar 5th July 1803
Robert Pike of Keyworth Mary Buttry 11th September 1803
George Chamberlain of Gotham Mary Hallam of Br. 13th September 1803
Francis Whiting Mary Savidge lic 5th October 1803
John Barnes of Ruddington Sarah Wildbore 6th February 1804
William Stubbs Sarah Dalby both of Br. 11th June 1804
William Bennett of Br. Elizabeth Smith p. Edwalton 19th June 1804
Thomas Carrington Elizabeth Eggleston both of Br 24th June 1804
Samuel Rowbotham of Br Elizabeth Gunn 16th October 1804
William Stephenson Elizabeth Widdowson both of Br. 4th December 1804
Thomas Price of Ruddington Sarah Belton 1st July 1805
Isaac Tuckwood Ann Marriott 25th November 1805
John Wildbore Elizabeth Martin 10th December 1805
John Norman of Br. Mary Wmith of Ruddington 26th December 1805
John Boldock Elizabeth Lane both of Br. 1st May 1806
Aaron Hickling Ann Munton both of Br. 2nd October 1806
Isaac Cooper Sarah Smith 7th October 1806
Jonathon Goddacre of Willoughby Ann Wildbore 24th November 1806
Richard Cross w. of Keyworth Isabella Gledstone w lic 29th November 1806
John Oliver Elizabeth Lane both of Br. 29th December 1806
William Henson Ann Cooper 22nd January 1807
Joseph Whitby of Barton Alice Hallam of Br. 13th March 1807
Joseph Hill of Epperston Elizabeth Sheldon 18th May 1807
Robert Rowbotham of Br. Elizabeth Marson 3rd August 1807
William Bramley Ann Leeson 8th September 1807
William Attewell Ann Hallam both of Br. 22nd December 1807
William Gee Mary Lane 7th May 1808
Stephen Giles Mary Murden 17th May 1808
William Dexter Alice Pym 9th August 1808
John Attewell Elizabeth Hallam both of Br. 10th August 1808
William Lewis of Br. Ann Glover of Br. lic 19th June 1809
Henry Marston of Br. Charlotte Smith 17th July 1809
Thomas Kettleband of Keyworth Elizabeth Spencer 1st August 1809
Thomas Crafts of Plumtree Mary Savidge 30th November 1809
John Daycock of Basford Elizabeth Henson 27th December 1809
John Brown Mary Monks 8th January 1810
Thomas Davis Mary Smith both of Br. 5th November 1810
William Marriott of Br. Martha Hardy of Costock 27th November 1810
John Bosworth Ann Davey both of Br. 26th December 1810
Christopher Reed of St. Mary's Kingston-upon-Hull Sarah Wood lic 1st January 1811
William Hallam of East Leake Elizabeth Langham 17th February 1811
John Bennet Sarah Smith 25th November 1811
Thmas Marriott Hannah Gunn both of Br. 10th December 1811
John Carter of Wilford Mary Attewell of Br. 27th December 1811
Thomas Marshall of B. Jane Lane of Br. 13th January 1812
William Bennett Hannah Henson 18th February 1812
William Cumberland Sarah Lee 17th December 1812
Joseph Sleigh of Willoughby Hannah Attewel 3rd June 1812
Isaac Foster of Br. Jane Williamson of Br. 15th June 1812
William Smith Ann Vincent 16th June 1812
Joseph Collins Mary Buttery lic 7th October 1812
William Hardy Elizabeth Smalley both of Br. 22nd December 1812
William Marshall of B. Mary Egglestone of Keyworth lic 8th June 1813
John Buxton of B. Ann Brooks p. Owthorpe lic 25th June 1813
Joseph Sharp Ann Horsley lic 19th June 1813
John Gaze Ann Rowbotham both of Br. 24th August 1813
William Kirkman of Cropwell Bishop Elizabeth Marshall lic 20th September 1814
Stephen Johnson Jane Smith 14th February 1814
Job Cave Ann Henson 3rd (?) 1814
William Parnham of Whatton Mary Marshall lic 18th July 1814
Thomas Maltby of Long Eaton Derby Elizabeth Hallam 15th December 1814
Benjamin osworth Mary Elliott of Br. 2nd July 1815
Thomas Asill of Plumtree Anne Bennet of Br. 2nd July 1815
Richard Allsop of B. Mary Bexon p. Radford lic 19th December 1815
Robert Hawley of Beeston Sabina Davis 25th December 1815
John Jackson Mary Janes both of Br. 15th April 1816
Joseph Flewitt of Bassaleg, Monmouth Mary Shepperson of Keyworth lic 13th May 1816
Charles Dexter Martha Oliver 11th June 1816
William Bailey of Barnston Elizabeth Smith 11th June 1816
William Fox of Loughborough Leic Anne Harwood of Br. 27th August 1816
William Holland of Wilford Elizabeth Foster of Br. 25th November 1816
William Linneker Mary Buxton 8th July 1817
William Oakland of St. Mary's Nottingham Mary Bennett 22nd July 1817
Thomas Gunn Mary Glover both of Br. 13th October 1817
William Gray Rebecca Wotton 23rd December 1817
Robert Cotton of Hemington Mary Harriston lic 3rd February 1818
John Robinson Mary Wildbore lic 25th March 1818
Thomas Clifton of Litchurch Derby Mary Peet 11th May 1818
Thomas Pizer of Eaton Ann Marshall 4th January 1819
John Flower Elizabeth Price of Br. 4th February 1819
George Smith Isabella Wildbore 16th March 1819
William Smith Ann Smith 19th December 1819
John Barker of Normanton Upon Soar Elizabeth Hardy 11th January 1820
Robert Smith Ann Wildbore 26th December 1820
John Pickard Hannah Hart 5th March 1821
Joseph Hogg of Gotham Ann Langham 22nd April 1821
Robert Atkin Mary Collins 20th August 1821
John Belton Elizabeth Webster 22nd October 1821
Joseph Hardy of Nottingham Mary Wootton 26th December 1821
Richard Truswell of Nottingham Hannah Wootton 26th December 1821
William Astle Elizabeth Collins 4th January 1822
John Sauidge Elizabeth Marshall 16th May 1822
Samuel Smith Elizabeth Tongue 17th March 1823
Richard Henson of Keyworth Frances Richards 11th October 1823
Samuel Sleigh of West Leake Catherine Hodgett 3rd November 1823
John Peet Alice Wildbore 20th July 1824
George Whitworth Elizabeth Wildbore 9th November 1824
John Wootton Elizabeth Cooper 14th February 1825
Thomas Wyatt of Lincs Elizabeth Shephardson 14th April 1825
Silas Cross Elizabeth Hart 14th June 1825
John Voce Elizabeth Henson 5th July 1825
Benjamin Attewell of Ruddington Sarah Attewell 29th August 1825
Thomas Elliot of Wysall Mary Hodgett 10th October 1825
Thomas Bromly of Balderton Elizabeth Stocks 23rd January 1826
Daniel Needham of Costock Elizabeth Mills 23rd January 1826
William Streed of Wilford Millicent Towers 12th June 1826
John Hickling of Br. Maria Barrett 28th August 1826
Thomas Foster Elizabeth Bacon of Leic. 4th September 1826
John Truzzel of Gotham Jane Wildbore 20th May 1827
John Wildbore Mary Henson 13th September 1827
Charles Holmes Sarah Hart 17th March 1828
Mathew Langham Ann Whitaker of Br. 18th March 1828
Richard Cole Esq of Normanton on the Wolds Ann Dodson 26th April 1828
James Kirkland of Derbyshire Maria Collins 22nd October 1828
Joseph Taylor of Lincs. Ann Wooton 16th February 1829
John Mills of Long Whatton Elizabeth Brown 5th October 1829
William Ordish of Derbyshire Jane Stocks 20th October 1829
John Howard of Radcliffe Mary Pike 2nd November 1829
George Smith Martha Hallam of Ruddington 20th October 1830
Samuel Newman of Br. Ann Foster 27th December 1830
William Moore of Wilford Sarah Stocks 4th April 1831
William Hart Jane Wootton 30th May 1831
Mathew Wildbore Charlotte Robotham 1st August 1831
Christopher Henson Hannah Wootton 17th January 1832
Samuel Rowbotham Rebecca Voce 23rd January 1832
Henry Langham Sarah Attewell of Br. 23rd April 1832
Edward Thurman of Nottingham Elizabeth Savidge 15th May 1832
John Wildbore Mary Henson 17th December 1832
Samuel Voce of Br. Martha Marshall 27th December 1832
James Caroline Elizabeth Wootton 24th January 1833
John Newton of Wysall Jane Marshall 8th April 1833
William Saunders of Ruddington Mary Bennett 21st December 1833
William Churow Elizabeth Henson 20th January 1834
William Lewis of Lenton Elizabeth Henson 3rd March 1834
John Bennett Martha Mills 5th June 1835
John Wootton Mary Stanley 7th July 1836
Thomas Brown Eliza Dexter 26th July 1836
Henry Summers Mary Forman 27th August 1838
William Marshall of Normanton Ann Marshall 18th September 1838
Thomas Hallam Mary Shore 26th November 1838
William Mills Sarah Jacques of Br. 21st January 1839
Jonathan Levers of Hoton Sarah Mills 4th March 1839
John Rowbotham of Br. Hannah Rowbotham 22nd July 1839
Joseph Langham of Plumtree Catherine Richards 25th August 1839
Henry Hart Sarah James 25th August 1839
Francis Egglestone of Keyworth Mary Cooper 10th March 1840
John Marshall of Stanford Sarah Weld 23rd February 1841
William Bonser of Rempstone Mary-Ann Robinson 7th September 1841
Thomas Henson Martha Hewell 25th November 1841
Henry Summers Mary-Ann Wightman 20th November 1841
Richard Richmond of Tollerton Ann Smith 10th April 1842
George Smith Mary Smith 2nd August 1842
Richard Joyce of Gotham Mary Brown 23rd October 1842
Robert Smith Sarah Brex 20th April 1843
John Smith Sarah Richards of Br. 30th April 1843
Thomas Priest Mary Heath 9th November 1844
John Simpson of Keyworth Jane Mills 19th May 1845
Edward Gilbert of Derby Mary Dexter 30th September 1845
William Webster Martha Attewell of Br. 9th April 1846
John Buxton Emma Jacques of Br. 9th August 1846
George Wildbore Martha Sharp 22nd October 1846
Thomas Fenn of Nottingham Mary Henson 26th December 1846
Thomas Jacques of Br. Mary Whiting 16th April 1847
Gideon Christian Mary Smith of Br. 19th April 1847
John Rowbotham Ann Marshall 27th April 1847
Robert Barnett Sarah Henson 22nd January 1849
William Dakin of Derby Sarah Davy 19th March 1849
Joseph Buxton Mary Shipon of Ilkeston 28th May 1849
John Harwood of Br. Eliza Gray 25th December 1849

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