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The following is a list of people married in St. Mary's Church, Bunny between 1850 and 1899.

Groom Bride Date and Comments
James Riley of Derby Prudence Hepples 16th February 1850
Charles Brown Elizabeth James of Br. 23rd May 1850
William Eaton Mary Staton 25th September 1850
John Rowbotham Elizabeth Johnson 18th September 1851
John Smith Sarah Green of Prestwold 19th February 1852
George Morley of Derby Jane Savidge 13th May 1852
William Bosworth of Br. Ann Buxton 25th December 1852
Henry John Pickard Elizabeth Winson 14th June 1853
John Stevenson Ann Stocks 13th August 1853
Richard Jackson Ann Chamberlin of Br. 5th September 1853
James Hand Elizabeth Henson 10th April 1853
William Bradwell of Wysall Elizabeth Crofs 2nd May 1854
George Billson Elizabeth Goadbyr of Leics. 8th August 1854
William Henson Mary Atherby 4th December 1854
William Tindal of Newark Elizabeth Linnaker 15th January 1857
Thomas Hart of Nottingham Elizabeth Harrison 7th October 1858
Robert Cook of Leic. Charlotte Beecroft 4th November 1860
Thomas Lant of Yorkshire Jane Mills 15th December 1861
Charles Richards of Liverpool Catherine Wildbore 1st May 1862
Edward Roper of Kegworth Ann Wildbore 24th June 1862
William Solomon of Nottingham Annie Wilson 23rd December 1862
John Johnson of Castle Donnington Mary Stocks 9th March 1863
John Clay Elizabeth Foster 27th March 1864
Samuel Webster Eliza Hardstaff 2nd May 1864
Richard Hudson of Yorkshire Elizabeth Foster 7th June 1864
John Smith Elizabeth Savidge 3rd January 1865
George Newburne Ann Mills 20th February 1865
Henry Langham Ann Henson 8th June 1865
William Collins Betsy Skinner 25th December 1865
Robert Whittaker Ann Foster 29th April 1866
John Dale of Radford Jane Webster 8th July 1867
Thomas Whitely Rosamond Milner 30th March 1869
John Hickley of Nottingham Ann Lane 8th June 1869
Henry Bonser of Wollaton Ann Smith 21st March 1870
Robert Whittaker Harriet Bennet 27th March 1870
Henry Myatt Jane Wildbore 5th April 1870
Eli Caladine of Sawly Catherine Mills 10th October 1870
Charles Gilbert of Br. Elizabeth Cross 4th December 1870
Reubin Shelton Lucy Butler 22nd June 1871
Norman Smith Thirsa Langham 15th April 1873
Sam Bailey of Sandiacre Ann Hemsley 1st July 1873
Thomas Bruce of Wysall Sarah Eggleston 7th October 1873
John Stubbs of Ruddington Mary Nixon 19th February 1874
John Busby of Sneinton Ann Bosworth 13th March 1876
William Smith of Nottingham Mary Langham 10th September 1876
Thomas Casey of Lincs. Julia Smith 27th December 1877
William Cook of Derbyshire Sarah Smith 26th December 1878
George Langham Hattie Attewell of Keyworth 17th November 1879
Felix Jacques Rebecca Dove 24th May 1880
Charles Mark of Ireland Jenny Wilson 9th September 1880
George Murden of Plumtree Sarah Langham 30th January 1881
John Smeeton of Br. Ann Baggaley of Br. 17th May 1881
Samuel Eggleston Sarah Allsop of Wymswold 18th October 1881
John Allsop of Wymswold Mary Eggleston 18th October 1881
John Collins Lizzie Mills 26th December 1881
William Davill of Keyworth Hannah Butler 4th March 1884
Thomas Plowright of Ruddington Elizabeth Collins 10th February 1885
James Mark of Ireland Alice Wilson 24th February 1886
Tom Lewis Fanny Wootton 20th May 1886
Robert Woodward of Nottingham Sarah Buxton 3rd May 1887
William Allsop Mary Jenkins 13th December 1887
John Poulson of Keyworth Sarah-Jane Foster 19th April 1891
Thomas Hickling of Keyworth Sarah Wisher 24th November 1891
Henry Machin of Papplewick Mary Smith 2nd April 1895
Henry Baguley of Nottingham Lucy Whittaker 10th June 1895
Charles Robinson Elizabeth Wisher 19th August 1895
John Drury Kate Samsom 25th May 1896
William Wisher Harriet Carter 26th November 1896
Robert Walker of Wysall Jane Collins 1st June 1897
William Walker Gertude Davies 20th December 1897
Robert Wilkinson Smith of Nottingham Arabella Hawksley 14th April 1898
George Albert Waddingham of Nottingham Sarah Ann James 3rd October 1898
Henry Edward Hoggard of Derbyshire Mary James 23rd May 1899
Herbert Hargreaves of Castle Donnington Annie Langham 8th August 1899

This page contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0 (see http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/doc/open-government-licence/version/3/ for further information).

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