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The following is a list of people married in St. Mary's Church, Bunny between 1900 and 1929.

Groom Bride Date and Comments
Edwin Harriman of Br. Clara Kate Randall of Br. 19th April 1900
Albert Davies of Ruddington Agnes Whittaker 4th June 1900
Horace Squires of Ruddington Eliza Ann Dutton 30th December 1900
Robert Burton of Br. Kate Whittaker 25th November 1901
William Oliver Randall of Br. Ethel Annie Dalby 3rd April 1902
William Harrison of St Anne's Nottingham Ethel Annie James 26th July 1902
Walter Chadburn of Ruddington Florence Annie Hickling of Br. 20th January 1903
Thomas Osborne of Nottingham Linda Montgomery 24th September 1903
John Arthur James of Br. Elizabeth Sadler of Ruddington 21st November 1903
John Thomas Godbur Edith Cumberland of Br. 8th February 1904
Wilfred Buxton of Br. Eliza Ann James 21st May 1904
Frederick Henry Stokes of Nottingham Lydia Emma James of Br. 4th June 1904
Thomas Henson Smith of Br. Mary Ann Betts of Br. 18th July 1904
George Carlisle of Kimberley, Notts Gertrude Annie Whittaker 29th October 1904
Jra Voce of Br. Mary Ann Hickling 16th May 1905
William Edward Gough of Nottingham Eliza Langham of Br. 12th June 1905
George Starbuck Florence Gertrude Dodson 12th June 1905
John Perrin of Nottingham Lettice Voce 27th February 1906
Frank Buxton of Br. Amy Burton of Keyworth 16th June 1906
Charles Edward James of Ruddington Alice Jacques of Br. 3rd September 1906
Harry Dodson Bertha Whittaker of Br. 22nd December 1906
Thomas Robert Langton of Parish of Codnor and Loscoe Mary Challands of Br. 21st April 1908
Albert Bargh of Parish of South Anston Florence Jane Pierrepont 8th June 1908
Bertram John Coombs of Nottingham Hannah Annie Yates 3rd October 1908
Edwin Richard Presland of Beeston Elizabeth Langham 31st December 1908
Ebenezer William Dickman Lucy James 22nd July 1909
William Ernest Hickling of Br. Amelia Hind 30th September 1909
Joseph Draycott of Normaton-on-Soar Sarah Ann Elliott of Br. 1st August 1910
George Revill of Mansfield Louisa James of Br. 1st August 1910
Ashton Davies Bety Ann Glenn 6th December 1910
William Butler of Lambley Lizzie Ann Crampton 9th March 1911
William Buckels of Notts Ethel Langham 6th June 1911
George Harriman Oldeshaw of Lincoln Edith Mary Staton 20th September 1911
Thomas William Walker Mary Elizabeth Carlin 24th April 1912
Thomas Percival Spurr of Br. Sarah Hannah Hind 12th October 1912
Albert William Oldenshaw of Ipswitch Elizabeth Smeeton 24th March 1913
Oliver Edwin Walker Rose F Sawtell of Lincoln 19th May 1913
Frederick Cryer of Leicester Ellen Langham of Br. 1st September 1913
Ernest Carter of Ruddington Frances Hannah Whittaker 25th December 1913
Henry Gilbert Attewell of Br. Sophie James of Br. 26th December 1914
Ernest Edward Pipe of Keyworth Annie Smeeton 20th May 1916
James Hind Mary Ann Smith of Br. 10th December 1917
Herbert Edwin Martin of Br. Mary Ann Millband of Br. 8th December 1918
Alfred Whitehead Grace Jane Langham 14th December 1918
Charles Herbert Onyon of Loughborough Isabella Challands or Br. 17th May 1919
Robul William Charles Hibbitt of Willoughby on the Wolds Jessica Gunn 28th June 1919
William Goodall Heymann of West Bridgford Kathleen Elizabeth Cordeux 17th September 1919
Frederick William Hardy of Gotham Nellie Parker 20th April 1920
Fred Bosworth Edith Annie Tyler of Ruddington 1st June 1921
Frederick Marriott of Br. Dorothy Parker of Br. 28th July 1921
William Hind Lizzie White of Ruddington 26th September 1921
John Henry Burgess of East Leake Alice Pennick Voce of Br. 3rd June 1922
Thomas Butler of Ruddington Gladys Jackson 21st October 1922
Enoch Beswick Nellie Griffith Henson 4th November 1922
Clarance Richmond of Nottingham Edith Eveline Brown 31st March 1923
Kenneth Nobel Pearson of London Margaret Aley Vincent Goode 19th July 1923
Arthur Edenbrow of Keyworth Edith Mary Collings of Br. 17th February 1924
John William Reed of Scarborough Dorothy Mary Armstrong of Br. 6th September 1924
Leslie Hopes Heelis Mary Emily Anderson 4th November 1925
Maurice Rooke Leak of Ruddington Doris Mary Attewell of Br. 22nd May 1926
William Hallam of East Leake Eleanor Alice Brown 21st May 1927
Douglas Harry Attewell of Br. Helen Amy Stewett of Ruddington 1st September 1927
Horace Archibold Charles Smith of Heanor Mabel Richards 9th April 1928
William Carriss Smith of Nottingham Winifred Ellen Collings of Br. 7th July 1928
Arthur Harold Oscroft of Old Basford Ellen Attewell of Br. 4th August 1928
Ernest Wright of Ruddington Doris Lilian Elliott 1st September 1928
Richard Hill of Keyworth Grace Ethel Olive Ingram 1st December 1928
Cyril Edward Mellor Daisy Hind 15th December 1928
Ernest Bernard Lockton of Heanor Marie Louise Elliott 17th July 1929
Frederick Charles Collington of Wymeswold Alice Staples of Br. 23rd November 1929

This page contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0 (see http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/doc/open-government-licence/version/3/ for further information).

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